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on the bottom right hand of the post here, do you see the link that says "Report" right beside the "Quote" link?

when you click on that, you can report this post to the moderators to bring it to their attention.  your users can do the same for you.  when they report a post it shows up in your reports section.

did mine myself, not that hard.  I had no clue that there was a mod published for that.


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oh wow.  it looks like crap in ie (all I have is v7 though).  but then again, everything does so...

I guess w/ a T1 @ work and a 15mbps at home taking forever to load is a symptom of an overloaded server, and doesn't happen very often.

it looks great in mozilla though.

seeing as how its a mac-centric site, I'm just guessing the majority of the ppl visiting aren't IE users.


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I believe there is a setting that allows you to use javascript or not.  2.0 is supposed to have better support for browsers and javascript but I haven't spent enough time in it to know for sure.

the event model is done by making everything a form, and adding hidden elements that store viewstate, and other event state info, so really the only advantage you gain is that you have a semi decent automatic "mode" of a page, but they call it an event so that they can try to be consistent w/ the rest of the framework.

I would have liked to see an object model that mirrored (x)html w/ an even model that was derived from javascript than from of some bastardized version of their windows forms architecture.


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events are nice, but I guess what annoys me is that outside of its web implementation, .net events are implemented as a multicastdelegate (function pointers), so when you handle one: foo.MyEvent += new SomeEventHandler(TargetMethod);  when foo triggers MyEvent, it actually invokes TargetMethod of the object that contained that code, but its asp counterpart does not (and really cant) call it that way.  it stores an "event" action, then posts back to the server, rebuilds some object, then calls the event method.  by the time the event handler is called, the in memory object which assigned the event handler has actually been deleted and unless you stored instance data in viewstate or session, you're screwed.  .net remoting suffers from the same ailment IMO.

the problem is that they're attempting to make a fairly stateless client server communication process act like an inherently stateful single thread of execution, which doesn't really work IMO.  as much as everybody hates it, flash has the right idea when it comes to asynchronous client / server interaction.   IMO we need to move past HTTP and start using a much more rich asynchronous messaging protocol for SOA apps.


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wow, atleast she let him sell them...  mine just thew them away.


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I'd have to say thats one of the best looking ones I've seen yet.  very artistic.


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yea I dont have a wysiwyg editor but thats what mine looks like (I thought about adding table bbcode, but thought it would be too complicated so I skipped it)



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I'm a big fan of .net, but asp.net drives me crazy (unfortunately I work for the company who does all of United Way's donation tracking software and its all asp.net).  maybe its because I'm more of a windows .net guy but my biggest pet peeve about asp.net is that they try to make it "look and feel" like doing windows development, but when I create a window, it doesn't get built up and destroyed every time its drawn, but a "web control" does.  they have a ton of "life cycle" stuff going on, and supposed to have "events" but I always just want to end up putting all my page logic in the OnLoad override like I would any normal server side procedurally loaded "page" which kind of defeats the whole purpose of what its supposed to be.

LOL! sweet! Tell her to park in back.

I followed a tricked out F430 to work this morning whose license plate read: "be 1st"

hcgtv wrote:

MadHatter: We're working on making your wishes come true.

don't forget the Ferrari then big_smile

I never posted mine here (and toturegarden forums look great BTW).

I integrated my site w/ bblog.  thinking about switching over to word press, but I want to keep my theme so it will probably be some time before that happens.

my money is on yes.


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I thought about changing my degree plan after a business law class I took, but I only had 3 years from start to finish to get my degree, and I was half way through my BS in business admin / MIS so I didn't.

the site looks good though (especially for an Arkansas school wink).

feel free to shoot me an email.  my computer's cooling system died on me last week, but I should have the new system installed by wednesday.

what kind of commitment is it?  I don't have a lot of time but meet the requirements.


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I thought of embedding mce into mine, and adding a parser that wraps the html I allow in the reply box into bbcode so that theres some wysiwyg functionality to the reply but ends up formatted how it needs to be.

I never have time for it though.

I've modded mine so line #'s are probably off if they're even there (I changed the layout and links around a bit in viewforum)

- links to viewforum: around lines  172 & 350
- links to viewtopic: around lines 75, 77, 90, 135, 314
- links to post: around lines 115, 124, 285, 289, 366
- links to profile: around line 200

- links to viewforum: around line 76
- links to viewtopic: around lines 149, 157, 159, 162, 174, 198
- links to post: around line 64
- links to profile: around line 220

- links to viewforum: around line 544
- links to viewtopic: around lines 554, 581, 589, 613, 627, 635, 658
- links to profile: around line 567
- links to search: 423, 479, 692

- links to viewforum: around line 379
- links to viewtopic: around lines 251, 259, 323
- links to post: around lines 332, 385
- links to search: around lines 423, 479, 692

there may be more (I left some out because I have a few mods that I have installed that also need changing) but I tried to put them all in here.

do you mean like an seo mod?  if i can remember right (I started an seo mod on my site but stopped because I didnt have enough time to do it all right then): viewtopic, viewforum, search, and post.


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great news!  hard to let go sometimes, but it sounds like a great decision for punbb.


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k, bear w/ me for a minute.

where is that setting?  the options dialog looks like a joke to me, and I cant find anything in the about:config for autocomplete.


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this is driving me crazy.

I have stored user/passwords for different sites that I have to log into.  I'm a long time mozilla user, and it used to pop up a dialog that let you choose which account to use (if there was more than one), firefox (at home) allows me to double click the textbox and will produce a list of accounts to use.

at work, it makes me type in the username and only then will fill out the password for me.

I'm using ff2 in both locations and have the same plugins on both, and cant understand why the experience is different.


do you have a link that I can see it myself. I haven't actually tried this code as bbcode, and I'm too lazy to put it on my forums to test out (I don't use the punbb provided templates and mine are a little more involved than just adding the script to the head section of a file).

I need to see it (or the html generated code produced by punbb when you submit / preview a post w/ the shake codes in them).


yep, you already posted that code, but the parts I was after were where it actually shows the bbcode replacement (in the post)