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Visman wrote:

You use punbb at your own risk.

I recognise that is a concern. The same goes for FluxBB which I have also considered. As you say, Flarum remains in beta and looks as if it could be more difficult to install because of the additional dependencies.

Pun has an excellent responsive theme by default, which I give high importance, but Flux appears to be supported by more users, although that does seem to be dropping away currently. Of PunBB and FuxBbB which would you choose to adopt at this point?

From the old forum engines I can recommend phpbb, there are both developers and communities.

Of the bigger players, I like SMF because it has a similar facility to Pun and Flux for creating static pages that allows you to create a main web site with integrated forum, rather than a forum alone which, from what I've seen is all phpBB does.


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Most interesting! You make it sound as if someone has hijacked the main PunBB site.

In June last year I was searching for a small simple forum package and opted to try FluxBB. My hosting company provides the service available from Softaculous so until now I have never self-installed any PHP package, and have been particularly intimidated by those requiring a database.

Back then FluxBB had a more recent update than PunBB, but I never committed to it as I was unhappy with its display on mobile devices, even with the of the supposedly responsive themes. Last week I noticed that PunBB had been upgraded on Softaculous (probably just after I had been looking). It was then that I discovered that PunBB has a very respectable interface on mobile devices.

My forum will only be for a maximum of 12 users and very low traffic. It will just be a shared archive of various papers connected with a set of holiday cottages. You could say it might be better to use Dropbox or GoogleDrive - but I want to allow for some possible discussion that could be generated in the future.

I have now managed to use cPanel's MySQL Database Wizard for the first time and successfully installed your implementation of PunBB. I'll see how that goes!

The List bug is gone! smile

Thanks for all your help!


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Then all I can say is thanks and well done for all your work!

There's nothing more frustrating than when administrators lose interest in a project.


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Visman wrote:

Nobody supports version 1.4.5.

That's a worry when it appears as an official release on the PunBB site.

Up till now I've always relied on Softaculous as it will create the required database implement the appropriate version of PHP at my hosting service.

1.4.4 is not supposed to work with PHP7 :-(


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They say:

Special Spam Prevention Currently In Force:

1. If you register with a yahoo.co.uk email adress from OUTSIDE the UK, you will be treated as a spammer and deleted.

2. If you post a URL in your signature or under website within 24 hours of registering, your account will be deleted.

3. If you do not activate your account within 24 hours of registering here, your registration will be deleted.

4. If you post a link in your signature or under website here it should be related to PunBB forums, i.e. it should be a forum that runs PunBB or a site that offers some kind of added value to anyone who has a PunBB forum (for example downloads of extensions). Relevance is key. If you're unsure post in the general discussion forum.

Thank you for your understanding.

There's no reference to Gmail addresses being banned.


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The Forum rules talk of only partial acceptability of yahoo.co.uk addresses.

I attempted to register with a Gmail address, but that seems to be banned as well. should a Gmail ban also be included in the Forum rules?

I registered with another address, but can find no way to change the address that I had hoped would be temporary, as it is not one I regularly check.

Is my only option to register again with a different address?


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Just installed PunBB 1.4.5 via Softaculous
    Operating system: Linux
    PHP: 7.3.23 - Show info
    Accelerator: N/A

Almost the first thing I tried to do was create a list in a post but found that this code:

[list][*]first item[/*][/list]

causes an empty white screen when I preview the message. I have the same problem with the board!

I have seen the topic:
https://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic … ounterror/
but I don't have the skills to understand the suggested solution.

Can anyone provide a step by step instruction on the file to edit and the steps to take to correct the issue.