well the info is available in the topics table, so it should be possible for someone to write a mod for this.

already there, via a users profile!


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Smartys wrote:

I use it too: the div is missing when you are a regular member

I took too long to type my reply and missed yours!

I've found it and fixed as well!


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Do you get the same result when using an online validator such as the w3c one? (I use the web developer toolbar which allows me to validate the page easily, you may have to do a copy and paste).

Personally though I would suggest re-downloading punBB and extracting the file again(i.e. just the ones you are having trouble validating), and start from a fresh slate.

Show your posts appears at the bottom of the index page, is that not what you want?

no problem, glad it's sorted.

When you downloaded punBB and extracted from the zip, you would have had a directory created entitled extras within that there is a file entitled turn_off_maintenance_mode.php from that file:

// This script turns off the maintenance mode. Use it you happened to log out
// while the forum was in maintenance mode. Copy this file to the forum root
// directory and run it.

hope that helps


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and after all that it was the blasted mail delivery problems - 12+ hours which was twice as long as i thought the problem had been.


apologies for jumping the gun, and thanks for the help.


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elbekko - the redirect hides the messages too quick.

Smartys - mail delivery is the contender, spam filters has been ruled out (well at the receiving end anyway).

Regarding the error, would the redirect hide that though?

[self edit]I'll try and grab the debug info - just remembered how to change the redirect delay.

This is exacerbated by slow mail deliveries but I believe it currently isn't working on my forum.

Considering that the notifications are sent out when a post is made, what would be the best method to debug this? Because normally the page you want to grab the info on is a redirect page...

or can anyone confirm that the relevant query, i.e.

$result = $db->query('SELECT u.id, u.email, u.notify_with_post, u.language FROM '.$db->prefix.'users AS u INNER JOIN '.$db->prefix.'subscriptions AS s ON u.id=s.user_id LEFT JOIN '.$db->prefix.'forum_perms AS fp ON (fp.forum_id='.$cur_posting['id'].' AND fp.group_id=u.group_id) LEFT JOIN '.$db->prefix.'online AS o ON u.id=o.user_id LEFT JOIN '.$db->prefix.'bans AS b ON u.username=b.username WHERE b.username IS NULL AND COALESCE(o.logged, u.last_visit)>'.$previous_post_time.' AND (fp.read_forum IS NULL OR fp.read_forum=1) AND s.topic_id='.$tid.' AND u.id!='.intval($pun_user['id'])) or error('Unable to fetch subscription info', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

actually works with an SQLite db.


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simple answer yes
long answer  y e s



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and then more problems.

SQLite is fine, but the server I am hosting on isn't and scripts are failing, first it was edit, and now show all your posts *sigh*. I can't even perform a back up, FTP speeds are so slow the database, which is currently 60+Mb, would take all day to download *grrrrr*.

I'm now recommending we ditch our free hosting and go elsewhere, then I'll have MySQL *yay*


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:grin: I'll keep an eye on it, it's only been up 36 hours! Most so far is around 15, but I think I'll write a small mod to keep try and track how many (or adapt an existing one). I'm hoping it'll get busier, just hope the server doesn't break (I can't even VACUUM the db at the moment *sigh*).


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how big do you want it?
    Total number of registered users: 7237
    Total number of topics: 2457
    Total number of posts: 20321

converted from a YaBB installation (via YabbSE, via PunBB/MySQL)


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so after adding in set_time_limit(99999999); before the code above, I managed to grab the debug info from the redirect page and this gives me:

Debug information
Time (s)     Query
0.00195     SELECT u.*, g.*, o.logged, o.idle FROM users AS u INNER JOIN groups AS g ON u.group_id=g.g_id LEFT JOIN online AS o ON o.user_id=u.id WHERE u.id=1987
0.00081     UPDATE online SET logged=1170843308 WHERE user_id=1987
0.00036     SELECT * FROM online WHERE logged<1170843009
0.00115     SELECT f.id AS fid, f.forum_name, f.moderators, f.redirect_url, fp.post_replies, fp.post_topics, t.id AS tid, t.subject, t.posted, t.closed, p.poster, p.poster_id, p.message, p.hide_smilies FROM posts AS p INNER JOIN topics AS t ON t.id=p.topic_id INNER JOIN forums AS f ON f.id=t.forum_id LEFT JOIN forum_perms AS fp ON (fp.forum_id=f.id AND fp.group_id=1) WHERE (fp.read_forum IS NULL OR fp.read_forum=1) AND p.id=27509
0.26939     SELECT id FROM posts WHERE topic_id=3600 ORDER BY posted LIMIT 1
0.01078     UPDATE topics SET subject='test thread for editing etc.' WHERE id=3600 OR moved_to=3600
0.06353     SELECT w.id, w.word, m.subject_match FROM search_words AS w INNER JOIN search_matches AS m ON w.id=m.word_id WHERE m.post_id=27509
0.03694     DELETE FROM search_matches WHERE word_id IN(34,1130,1349,2421,3805,9319) AND post_id=27509 AND subject_match=0
0.00096     UPDATE posts SET message='increased time out. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse est massa, venenatis et, scelerisque quis, suscipit eget, leo. Cras convallis scelerisque sapien. Sed hendrerit lobortis pede. In molestie. Curabitur ullamcorper lectus ac pede. Sed quis sem et tortor ultrices aliquet. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Etiam in sapien vitae mauris adipiscing pellentesque. Sed in libero vitae est faucibus dignissim. Pellentesque lacus tortor, volutpat at, iaculis nec, ornare a, diam. Fusce sit amet enim. Vestibulum vitae tortor eu orci ultricies sollicitudin. Phasellus luctus, ante a dignissim sollicitudin, quam ligula mollis ante, id ullamcorper nibh felis quis risus. Integer congue leo in neque. Phasellus dictum. Fusce malesuada, nisl in iaculis placerat, nulla elit ultrices ligula, vel pretium quam dolor eget ipsum. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos hymenaeos. Donec nisl turpis, fermentum ut, fringilla in, rutrum id, quam. Morbi pulvinar, enim eu elementum eleifend, augue odio tincidunt nisi, sed dignissim purus ipsum nec neque. Nunc rutrum, dolor quis commodo fermentum, lectus sem volutpat dolor, ac consequat sapien neque quis orci. Aliquam tempor, dui in consequat ornare, pede odio posuere libero, malesuada blandit libero dolor vitae dolor. Duis dapibus leo nec nulla. In venenatis turpis sed nunc. Morbi aliquet. Sed neque leo, vehicula aliquet, scelerisque nec, venenatis nec, est. Donec pharetra commodo felis. Nullam tincidunt, sapien at feugiat malesuada, elit nisi posuere nisi, non volutpat enim neque id ligula. Quisque luctus velit vitae orci feugiat eleifend. Vivamus fermentum erat suscipit nisl. Nullam et est eu libero dictum semper. Aenean ac sapien nec justo euismod scelerisque. Fusce volutpat. Pellentesque sit amet urna. Vestibulum luctus. Duis mi turpis, consequat quis, laoreet quis, mattis vel, enim. Cras imperdiet condimentum sapien. Sed iaculis. Maecenas gravida. Maecenas arcu pede, malesuada et, aliquam dapibus, consequat a, augue. Aenean ligula tellus, dapibus non, condimentum eu, convallis nec, ipsum. Nullam bibendum augue vel nunc. Nullam sed velit eget felis rutrum consectetuer. Maecenas erat orci, hendrerit eget, viverra ac, scelerisque non, quam. Sed consectetuer sagittis odio. Phasellus hendrerit. Duis quis ipsum. Maecenas sed massa sed mi interdum suscipit. Nunc lorem magna, venenatis eu, tempor a, volutpat quis, dui. Pellentesque scelerisque scelerisque massa. Aenean mi justo, venenatis in, convallis ac, lacinia vel, quam. Suspendisse elementum erat scelerisque ligula. Mauris tincidunt cursus enim. Maecenas cursus fringilla metus. Donec sagittis ultricies felis. In vestibulum bibendum massa. Etiam tincidunt. Vestibulum dolor elit, blandit vitae, mollis nec, ultricies vel, augue. Aliquam in dolor. Sed nec nunc. Curabitur ut mi. Aliquam interdum sem et tortor.', hide_smilies='0' WHERE id=27509
Total query time: 0.38587 s

Which seems fast enough, but it takes almost 10 seconds to get to that page!


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Ok narrowed it down to the following section:

if ($can_edit_subject)
            // Update the topic and any redirect topics
            $db->query('UPDATE '.$db->prefix.'topics SET subject=\''.$db->escape($subject).'\' WHERE id='.$cur_post['tid'].' OR moved_to='.$cur_post['tid']) or error('Unable to update topic', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

            // We changed the subject, so we need to take that into account when we update the search words
            update_search_index('edit', $id, $message, $subject);
            update_search_index('edit', $id, $message);

Could it simply be a time out issue?


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hmmm, I am going to test a few things to see if I can narrow the problem down. There should be no reason why SQLite is causing a problem! *sigh*


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I am using punBB with SQLIte, and the server may be a tad slow but currently I am unable save any edits to posts. The same edit file works fine with my local development copy of punBB but that utilises mySQL.

I get to edit.php, I can edit the post and preview it, but I am unable to update the database. The page just goes 'blank', as if it has timed out.(which I know is a possibility)

As I know debug mode is likely to be suggested... can it be enabled just for the one script? or just for admin/moderator scripts? (or even just when an admin is logged in?)


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Just to update things, as I have spent most of the day importing data from Yabb into punBB the forum is now available via: http://www.by-users.co.uk/forum/

Not that much done theme wise, though things do change according to the season (header, logo and background only at this point).

Now to see if the server can cope with it!


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sqlite doesn't like the query, do you have access to the database to create the new table yourself, rather than via the script?

If not, and no-one better than me offers to help, I don't mind having a look at the script and seeing if it can be codged to work with sqlite. smile

digging a little deeper the following appears in the table:

5073     poster     Test     1167187313     1167601133     37887     last_poster     4     15     0     0     NULL     14

5075     poster    Test     1167187313     1167601133     0     NULL        0        0       0     0     5073     10

(poster, and last_poster names amended)

arggh, you are right deleted an end bracket i shouldn't have done - I'll play with the temp tables and see if I can get any of it to work.

ok, enabled debug, and show queries while I was there just in case and got the following:

File: .../forum/plugins/AMP_Global_topic.php
Line: 265

PunBB reported: Unable to get topics

Database reported: SQL logic error or missing database (Errno: 1)

Failed query: SELECT t.id, t.poster, t.subject, t.posted, t.last_post, t.last_post_id, t.last_poster, t.num_views, t.num_replies, t.closed, t.sticky, t.moved_to, t.forum_id, f.forum_name FROM topics as t LEFT JOIN forums as f ON t.forum_id=f.id WHERE subject='Test' AND posted=1167187313 ORDER BY sticky DESC, last_post DESC LIMIT 0, 50

apologies, once again.

According to: http://www.sqlite.org/lang_createtable.html temporary tables can be achieved with SQLite. At least I checked that before posting wink

On this one if I delete the mysql check then the page fails(ie blank).

apologies, I'll try and remember...

I get the error: Error: Unable to get topics.
Which I assume relates to

        $result = $db->query('SELECT t.id, t.poster, t.subject, t.posted, t.last_post, t.last_post_id, t.last_poster, t.num_views, t.num_replies, t.closed, t.sticky, t.moved_to, t.forum_id, f.forum_name FROM '.$db->prefix.'topics as t LEFT JOIN '.$db->prefix.'forums as f ON t.forum_id=f.id WHERE subject=\''.$db->escape($cur_global['subject']).'\' AND posted='.$db->escape($cur_global['posted']).' ORDER BY sticky DESC, '.(($cur_forum['sort_by'] == '1') ? 'posted' : 'last_post').' DESC LIMIT 0, 50') or error('Unable to get topics', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

The error occurs as soon as I go to the page. Running punBB 1.2.14