The Apache/PHP error log is below.

Not sure if it helps. I do not see any PHP code issue in

Corrected later: Line 957 of the file uses the short array syntax to declare $patterns. This syntax requires PHP 5.4+. Editing the code block to use $patterns = array(...) instead of $patterns = [...] fixed my issue.

// Extension was previously installed. It caused blank page. So config.php was edited to disable extension hooks. Then extension was disabled on forum admin page.

// Today at 14:47, extension was enabled on forum admin page by clicking on enable link, which caused blank page to appear. Then I just typed URL of different forum pages in browser (forum main page, etc.), which all appeared as blank pages.

[Wed May 04 14:47:08 2022] [error] [client *] PHP Parse
error:  syntax error, unexpected '[' in
on line 923, referer:
[Wed May 04 14:47:18 2022] [error] [client *] PHP Parse
error:  syntax error, unexpected '[' in
on line 923
[Wed May 04 14:47:31 2022] [error] [client *] PHP Parse
error:  syntax error, unexpected '[' in
on line 923

I have requested the remote server admin for access to PHP/Apache error log.

I can confirm that the extension works fine on my local server in PHP 5.6.10/MySQL 5.5.42 (besides PHP 7.4.21/MySQL 5.7.34).

I am trying to use Fancy Stop SPAM in official PunBB 1.4.6 running on MySQL.

It works well on my local test server with MySQL 5.7.34 and PHP 7.4.21.

But it does not work on my remote deployment server with MySQL 5.1.73 and PHP 5.3.3.

The site setup including the database is the same on both. The only other extension, Stop spam bots, works well on both.

After I enable the Fancy Stop SPAM extension on the remote site, and browse to another forum page, I get only blank pages in the browser.

– the forum pages are blank even if I enable debugging to see error/MySQL queries (through forum config.php)

- disabling extension hooks through config.php re-activates the forum, but of course the extensions are turned off. I can then disable Fancy Stop SPAM on Admin page and the forum works fines.

- I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Fancy Stop SPAM extension but this has not helped

- using PHP mysql instead of mysqli does not change result

I wonder if the issue is in some SQL-related coding in Fancy Stop SPAM code. Any thought?

Changing database collation to utf-8_general_ci solved this issue. It was ascii_general_ci before.

PunBB 1.2.12 / Linux server / MySQL 4.1.10a-log / PHP 4.3.9

I get this error when trying to register a user:


Error: Unable to fetch user info.

Illegal mix of collations (ascii_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '=' (Errno: 1267)


I do not have access to the servers.

I tried setting 'lang_encoding' to utf-8, but that did not help. I left it so and then added '$db->query("SET NAMES 'UTF8'");' at end of include/dblayer/common_db.php and an ini_set to config.php to make utf8 default character set. But these didn't help either.

Finally, I reverted all those changes except for the lang_encoding. Then I altered the character-set and collation of the PunBB database to ascii and ascii_general_ci (and also of punbb_users table). But this also did not help.

Please help.