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I have created these forums


I might release these style at a later date, just not yet. Still have many things to learn. wink

Make the colour numbers and letters in CAPS
I think that fixes it.

Where do i find the source?

DIV.linkst LI A
DIV.links LI A?

Edit - Ok, this code ONLY changes the INDEX link on the viewtopic , i want the POST NEW TOPIC and POST REPLY to have a different colour as well.
And also this ONLY changes the TOP index link not the bottom one.
Edit2 - Ok i got the POST one done, but the bottom index is still the same colour

I edited these forums
To make a nicer link colour, but there is one problem.
The link colour for
"index" and "post new topic" clashes way too much and is barely visible in the forums.
Is there any code for changing the colour of those 2 things?
Eg : the sticky code

TR.isticky DIV.icon



Oh, ok, sorry about that.
Never noticed big_smile

I dunno, i dont think that is the sticky code for the text.
Ill try though
Thanks for your help big_smile

How can i change the sticky text colour?
I want it to be different than all the other links colours
Just like the closed topic link colour.
How do you do it?


I was wondering.
Can you put a code in insde the _cs.css file that will make every new topic the letter appear in bold form.
If so can someone please tell me how to do it.



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I have asked many people about these forums, and lots of them say its too red.
So im gonna change the links and the topic icons to a dark orange and then see how it looks.


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I have been making these for a BF2 clan.
Theyre not finished.
I still need to add some mods. And integrate it and add a header :S
But this is the main bulk of it finished.
I would just like a main opinion.
Anything that should be changed?
I have a sticky and a closed icon just so you can see if the colours match.
What do you think?


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Its works!!!!!
Thank you sooo much steve.
Next time ill make sure i know a bit more about PHP before i go asking all the time wink
Thanks again


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That is very weird
Because i checked the profile, and it must have been reset, because i am sure i put in those codes.

But now this comes up when i try to look at my profile :S

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /home/kntlco/public_html/forum/profile.php on line 964

And this is what is on the profile.php

list($year, $month, $day) = explode('-',$user['birthday']);
    if($month!=0 && $day!=0){
        $Nyear = (strlen($year)!=4)? NULL: $year;
                $datestamp = mktime(0,0,0,$month,$day,0)
                if ($lang_calendar['Date_format'] == 'US') {      <- LINE 964
                   $birthday = date("F jS ", $datestamp).$Nyear;
                } else {
                   $birthday = date("j ", $datestamp).$lang_calendar[(date("F", $datestamp))].$Nyear;

Why is this?
Everytime i do something to the profile, it mucks everything up. sad


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OK, i have got calendar running on my forums
But there is one small problem with it

The BIRTHDAYS option doesnt appear.
This is where i put the option for it

// Profile display stuff
'Not activated'                =>    'This user hasn\'t activated his/her account yet. The account is activated when he/she logs in the first time.',
'Unknown'                    =>    '(Unknown)',    // This is displayed when a user hasn't filled out profile field (e.g. Location)
'Private'                    =>    '(Private)',    // This is displayed when a user does not want to receive e-mails
'No avatar'                    =>    '(No avatar)',
'Show posts'                                        =>    'Show all posts',
'Realname'                     =>    'Real name',
'Location'                    =>    'Location',
'Website'                    =>    'Website',
'Jabber'                    =>    'Jabber',
'ICQ'                        =>    'ICQ',
'MSN'                        =>    'MSN Messenger',
'AOL IM'                    =>    'AOL IM',
'Yahoo'                         =>    'Yahoo! Messenger',
'Birthday'                                        =>    'Birthday',

Is that where im supposed to put it?
Because there were no indications in where it was supposed to go inside the profile.php

It doesnt work with me.
The options for the PMs appear in the Admin board.
But the option to sned any PM doesnt appear.
Or the option to view your inbox or anything.
What is wrong?
One of the instructions said to delete the line in admin_options.
But that line did not exist.
So i created something to replace it

                <?php require PUN_ROOT.'include/pms/admin_options.php'; ?>
                <div class="inform">

I created this line but noting happened.
Then i put the admin_options under the folder PMS as well.
Still nothing.
The line it asked me to delete was

<?php require(PUN_ROOT.'include/pms/admin_options.php'); ?>

But i couldnt as it was not there in the first place.

Please help