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hi grudon66,
if your age is at least 16 and you know how to use a ftp program i´ll give you
a domain like: yourname.is-on.net
and 150mb webspace with 1 sql database
1 email-account and
1500MB free traffic and
1 ftp account
plus all cpanel-futures that you need to run your site.
you will get it free for 3month after that time the account will be deleted without any notification.
the account is free from advertising.
you are not allowed to run any chat-script. installing a chat will immediately delete your account.

with this you get a chance to "get in the stuff"
you will have to explain your skills and provide me a mail-add.
and the name for the domain (yourname.is-on.net)
so i´ll setup the account.


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that domain: pokemonfireforum.net :  is not registered

for me has allways worked on shared servers a .htacces file with
order allow,deny
deny from
deny from 012.34.5.
allow from all

on my root servers i use the file /etc/hosts.deny to block ips or a firewall thru iptables.

greetz from sweden