I agree with removing it all together. I don't see any point to showing that I'm using specific plugins to people who don't care to begin with. The only people who would want to know what I'm using would be people looking to exploit it. Giving credit to those who made the plugin is one thing, but cluttering up the page with pointless information only makes the forum look bad and give more information to those who might want to do your site harm. I'd rather just switch to a different piece of software if I'm going to HAVE to show the information.

A couple years ago, I was asked by Kayla over at Surpasshosting to write up a review for some forum software recommendaton to display on their site. It was included in a now missing section of their forum that covered all their recommended software for varous tasks. I wrote two reviews for them, including the recommended CMS which at the time was Xoops, and for the recommended forum software, PunBB.


ninjashoes wrote:

I will use it for an upcoming forum I am planning centered around the unexplained.

A site about Alan Colmes resemblance to the living dead?



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PhpBB sort of reminds me of a big pile of MOD EDIT.


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Hey look, there's even a forum on that page, not just a massive page header.


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I loved that. So I screencapped it with the subtitles on.

I second that question, Burningfire.


No more need for an internet bill.


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Yeah, I won't be doing that. I'd rather move to bidvertiser or adbrite or something else. I doubt the people clicking through my adsense ads are actually buying any of the crap on the other end.

KinXen wrote:

is there a way to have that same contact form except instead of sending it by email, send it in a post on the forums?

Id like to set up a hidden forum that contains the information sent by this form, so only a group of people can view these

That sounds like a ticketing system to me.


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I'm in a weird mood tonight. I figured I'd let it out on a forum that doesn't know yet how odd I actually am.

And I decided that I'm only going to integrate into one site at the moment, since one of them would require an act of god, or atleast a week, to go back through and change to make work together. My code is wacky like that. Sometimes (most times), I'm surprised it works at all. I often imagine my server looks at my pages and says "What the hell am I supposed to do with this" and then just makes something it imagines should happen happen.


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I'm planning on integrating a few sites into their own punbb setups, so if the Internet suddenly stops working or your lights happen to turn bright purple, perhaps your toilet flushes randomly by itself or your microwave starts vomitting out hundreds of Paul Walker movies on DVD...well, it's probably because of me. Sorry about that.

Figured I'd issue the warning, considering I'm known to delete "include" folders from Xoops when it says to delete the "install" folder, since I apparently have a second grade reading ability.

And now that I'm done with that, here is something dumb (as if this whole post wasn't):



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hcgtv wrote:

Rickard, are we sending out announcements when new versions of PunBB are released?

I sent one but since I don't have anyones email address I don't think they got it. Dang technicalities!


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Connorhd wrote:

Seems to be a bit crap but - http://leapfish.com/analyze.php

Someone posted that on my host's forum the other day. I love it. They seem to think my blog is worth thousands. Pssh, my thoughts alone are worth more than that*....

*Completely full of crap statement. No purchase necessary. Details inside. Void in Utah.


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Wait...there are pros to phpbb?


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I keep expecting her to talk, like my computer has built in AI or something.


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Nice look, but I'm not too much of a fan of frames used like that (a whole page, and the content in a framed box in the middle).


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I blame myself for exploits. Why? Because everytime I install a piece of software and get it the way I want, an update comes out lol



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Except Vin Diesel.


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Chuck Noris owns the current record, as well as the one David Blaine just attained.


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^ same result here


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I alterend mine a while back to:

When speed is essential, use PunBB.