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install firefox and install the plugin firebug, select element with firebug and you see the element's css


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matt1298 wrote:

im not part of the team but id say about 6 months. till the full relase... i think lol

that's a bit long i guess,..

In februari I got this message from Rickard:

Rickard wrote:

I'd say months. Not many months though. I think we can be reasonably
feature complete within a month, but then we need to test.

So I hope it's going to be sooner than 6 months, there not a lot of open tickets for 1.3 anymore :-)

ok,.. I've got a lot of groups on my website..

what i want is simple...

3 groups next to members, guests and admins:
- moderators
- writers
- main writers

2 forums:
- moderator forum
- writer forum

i want acces for the next groups to the next forums:

- moderator forum --> moderators ----> this is no problem
- writers --> only acces for writers and main writers, mods shouldn't be able to read the forum.
- main writers --> only access for main writers, mods shouldn't be able to read the forum.

The bottom 2 forums are quite difficult to make, does anyone has a hack for this?


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well,.. that's not enturely true,.. i've got a live setup www. and a test setup test. and i can't post anything at test. because the hostname i'm on is not correct, is it possible to change that somewhere?

would be cool indeed, maybe not as a new message, but with a different color,.. edited message.

username: punbbtest
password: puntest

forum: http://www.macminds.net

Just send yourself a private message by filling in your own name here:

and than go to the forum index:



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I would also love to hear about the release date, I have a list of mods that I want to develop, but I don't want to develop them for 1.2.x now and than redevelop them for 1.3 again in a few months...

Almost two years ago (I guess) the developper said that it would take a few months, in february Rickard told me it be a few months,...


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We have a dedicated server for MacMinds.net, We're not that big yet,
(only a little over 1800 members) where running on a 3.0Ghz dual Xeon-dual.

Is it possible to make this mod available not only for admins but also for certain (not all) mods?


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I love the upcoming version, but why does it take so long? Last month the developpers where not really active, is there anything we as normal users can do to speed things up a bit?


Cool!! i hope 1.3 is going to be here soon!

Is the PM system compatible with the mod that a lot of us have installed?


yeah, what i want is:

mods & admins should the only ones that can use the mod tag, and whenever the tag is placed the post should be locked for the poster smile

but i guess i'll wait for 1.3 for that! smile (hope it 'll be here soon)

cool, than i can finaly have mod tags smile


I want to see which users only posted in forum_id 9 on my forum,
does anyone know which query i should use?



wow, yeah,.. why didn't i found that? smile

but i can tell you, my changes are not that big,
i've just added an extra column tc1 added the css code and moved the poster from one to another column:

                <tr class="tc-header">
                    <th class="tcl" scope="col"><?php echo $lang_common['Topic'] ?></th>
                    <? //added one line to show the poster name in a separate column ?>
                    <th class="tc1" scope="col"><?php echo 'Door' ?></th>
                    <th class="tc2" scope="col"><?php echo $lang_common['Replies'] ?></th>
                    <th class="tc3" scope="col"><?php echo $lang_forum['Views'] ?></th>
                    <th class="tcr" scope="col"><?php echo $lang_common['Last post'] ?></th>


                    <? //added lines to show the poster name in a separate column ?>
                    <td class="tc1">

                    $suffix = "..";
                    $maxChar = 9;

                    if (strlen($cur_topic['poster']) > $maxChar){
                        $cur_topic['poster'] = substr($cur_topic['poster'],0,$maxChar);
                        $cur_topic['poster'] = $cur_topic['poster'] . $suffix;

                    echo ($cur_topic['moved_to'] == null) ? $cur_topic['poster'] : ' ' 

                    <? //end change?>
                    <td class="tc2"><?php echo ($cur_topic['moved_to'] == null) ? $cur_topic['num_replies'] : ' ' ?></td>
                    <td class="tc3"><?php echo ($cur_topic['moved_to'] == null) ? $cur_topic['num_views'] : ' ' ?></td>
                    <td class="tcr"><?php echo $last_post ?></td>

and deleted this piece 3 times:

<span class="byuser">'.$lang_common['by'].' '.pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['poster']).'</span>'

all three of these changes above where in the viewforum.php

next piece of code is changed in the css:

.tcl {TEXT-ALIGN: left; WIDTH: 50%}

.tc2, .tc3, .tcmod {WIDTH: 9%; TEXT-ALIGN: center}

.tc1 {WIDTH: 10%; TEXT-ALIGN: left; overflow: hidden;}

.tcr {WIDTH: 28%; TEXT-ALIGN: left}

I'll make an official mod somewhere this weekend smile


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I'm watching the site on a freshly calibrated Apple Cinema Display and well it's too damn dark, it fits the metal music style, but so would a red or green font color smile

on the index.php and the viewforum.php it's more disturbing than in viewtopic.php, there you added a border, that makes the whole feel a lot lighter if you know what I mean.

this is the punbb config of a friend of mine, it also has a dark cloud hanging over it, but it's a whole lot better to read.


My own punbb board is completly different, but it's for a total different purpose.


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I'm getting head aches from de grey-on-black, if you make the color of the text #999999 or #EEEEEE it will be a lot better to read.


I don't like it either, it's too clunky, not really well-designed.


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i've changed some layout "bugs"

the topic poster now is in a seperate column: http://www.macminds.net/viewforum.php?id=45
and the new posts button and topic pagenumber are positioned below the topic title now smile

Next is a lightbox private message notifier smile

ok, it's live for almost a week now, I've *hacked* it myself.


doesn't it look neat?

Mark wrote:

you can go into the user group settings and change the option for allowing guests to search userlist to "No".

If i do this, than guests can still view the profile.php

Does anybody have a clue how I can make profile.php not visible for guests?


On my forum people complained that it's not really "logical" to
have the user that started a topic at the end of the sentence.

for example if someone would start a topic with the title:
Help, I'm scammed.

in viewforum it would say,
Help, I'm scammed. by HSL

now I've made a modification to viewforum.php and /styles/imports/base.css
and I have a seperate column where the post starter is in.

Can this be standard in the next revision or can it be optional?




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momono.nl did the basic design, and we changed it a little together to make it
match punbb, and after that I made the forum itself match the frontpage.

Have you clicked on the header of a news article? that's what i like the most.
we still have to change a lot of things and we made a lot of adjustments in the
system itself that all need to be commented so we know where who did what.



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It's a dutch macforum for pro;s and prosumer;s, up and running since 18 september,


what do you think?



I've got a problem:


you see the "?"

does anyone know how i can fix that?