I come back because I would like to improve this useful extension for my needs.

Can you help me to add the possibility:

  • to choose destination topic ID instead of the list of accessible topics, like in this example:


  • add the possibility to move the first post of a topic

These improvements are very important for me and I obviously pay someone for that work if nobody can help me.

Thank you.

Thank you for this useful extension.  smile

In the manifest file, line 126, I have modified

<span><a href="'.forum_link('/misc.php?action=fancy_js_cache_clear&amp;csrf_token=$1'


<span><a href="'.forum_link('misc.php?action=fancy_js_cache_clear&amp;csrf_token=$1'

because there was a double / when I click on “clear cache”.

Thank you, it works perfectly!  smile

Thank you very much!


Is there a way to capitalize automatically the first letter typed in the topic subject input (not with css)?

Thank you!


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Is it possible to separate tags with commas or semicolons instead of whitespaces?

Thank you.


E-mail alerts were not sent because my lang directory was "french" (instead of "francais") before my upgrade. In the database (in punbb_users > language), old members had the old directory name.

Have a nice day!


I recently upgraded to Punbb 1.3 and I would like to redirect my old URLs. They were rewritten like this

and now I use the "File_based_(fancy)" rewrite method (/topic123-keywords.html).

Is there a way to redirect permanently (301) the old URLs?

The problem is old URLs are always in Google (with the new, after almost two months) despite my new sitemap and 404 errors on old URLs.

Thank you.


Is there a solution to only display subject title + pagination on viewtopic pages?

- NOW : subject title (pagination) | category title | forum title
- I would like : subject title (pagination) 

I looked in function generate_crumbs, but I don't understand very well how it works.

Thank you for your help!


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I would like to disallow unlimited pm for users but not for admin and moderators.

I wrote, in pun_pm/fonctions.php (only the first line was modified):

if ($forum_config['o_pun_pm_inbox_size'] == 0 || $forum_user['is_admmod'])
// Unlimited Inbox!
// Deliver all messages that were sent
$query = array(
'UPDATE'    => 'pun_pm_messages',
'SET'        => 'status = \'delivered\'',
'WHERE'        => 'receiver_id = '.$forum_user['id'].' AND status = \'sent\'',

($hook = get_hook('pun_pm_fn_deliver_messages_unlimited_pre_query')) ? eval($hook) : null;

$forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);

According to you, is it correct?

Thank you!


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I'm trying to add a tag only for admin in bar.php (pun_bbcode extension).

In parser.php, I have added the following code :

if ($forum_user['g_id'] == FORUM_ADMIN)
    $tags = array('mynewtag');

I also tryied with

$tags[] = 'mynewtag';
and $tags[] = array('mynewtag');

and, after :

$pattern[] = '#\[mynewtag\]#s';
$replace[] = '<p><em>The text displayed by [mynewtag]</em></p>';

There is no close tag, just [ mynewtag ].

But this button is invisible in my bar.php.

Do you know why ?

Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you for this extension.
It would be great if we could choose the topic number for destination topic.  cool


I have exactly the same problem. After upgrade to Punbb 1.3, old members don't receive email alerts but new members do.

After tests, all others emails (register, send forum email, new password email) are sent correctly.

My extensions are :

  • Antispam System

  • BBCode buttons

  • Fancy CSS/JavaScript Cacher

  • Fancy Merge Posts

  • Login Box On Frontpage

  • and Private Messaging

There are 5695 records in my table subscriptions and this table is exactly like
http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/ … _reference

My problem seems to appear only for old users, not for users who have registered after update to Punbb 1.3.

Thank you for your help!


It was possible with Punbb 1.2, and I would like to show sig only one time per topic or per page with my PunBB 1.3.

Can you help me ?

Thank you.

Hi !

Is there a solution to make this in Punbb 1.3 ?



Thank you for this plugin. I have just tried it, but I have this error :

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/local/apache/htdocs/.../forum/plugins/AP_Author_Update.php on line 36

Do you know why ?

Thank you.