Rickard wrote:

I other words. In order to support SQLite upgrades from 1.2, we'll have to include our own implementation of ALTER TABLE. Does anyone know of a good one? The only one I found was this one:
But it's huge.

I have done a simple ADD part in about 30 lines of code. It still needs some testing though.

Smartys wrote:

K-Ray: it actually should be running an alter table: SQLite certainly claims to support them in the documentation I'm seeing. Of course, the field_exists function could be failing: is there any way you could check if that's the case?

Problem with the sqlite documentation is that it is mostly unclear about which version is applicable to the documentation.

As far as I know ALTER TABLE is NOT supported in the 2.x versions of sqlite.

I have found this in the sqlite changes file:
2005 March 21 (3.2.0)
    * Added support for ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN.

Rickard wrote:

Hmm. It shouldn't run any ALTER TABLE's for SQLite at all. Do you think you could try to track down in more detail where it fails? Does it produce an error?

This is what I get:
An error was encountered
The error occurred on line 354 in D:\server\web\pun\include\dblayer\sqlite.php
Database reported: SQL logic error or missing database (Errno: 1).

Which really gives you nothing much, so I added 
define('PUN_SHOW_QUERIES', 1);
inside the db_update.php which gave me it bit more to go on:

Failed query: ALTER TABLE extensions ADD uninstall_note TEXT

The db_update.php calls the add_field function several times and that function in sqlite.php sure does call an ALTER TABLE.

It doesn't seem to work with sqlite.
From what I have found out the script gets stuck everytime an 'alter table' comes around.

Also the sqlite.php is missing the 'replace' piece in the query_build function.

my setup is
Lighttpd 1.4.18-1
PHP 5.2.5
SQLite 2.8.17
punbb 1.3-rev.1478


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If you want this kind of setup I think it is better to use a mailinglist in stead of a forum.


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MySQL 4.1.22-log


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These tables are used by the search system of the forum.
You can keep the tables smaller by excluding general words from the search engine.
Every word written in 'stopwords.txt' will be not be indexed.

Oh yes, every thing seems to be working fine after making these small changes.

I downloaded changeset 925 and found errors with use of sqlite.

in folder dblayer both sqlite.php and pgsql.php lack the function 'query_build'.

in install.php for both sqlite and pgsql at the part of creating table 'users' the fields 'format_time' and 'format_date' should be 'time_format' and 'date_format'.


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I'm using Omnisecure3 webserver with PHP 4.3.4 and SQLite 2.8.14 running on a Windows PC.
Choice is made because combination is very 'light' (less than 5MB), very easy to install and only used for local purposes with very few users.


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small question about the upcoming version:
The menu items in the Forum administration are in a separate menu block similar as it used to be.
However the menu items in the user profile are placed inside the main block.
Is  this difference going to stay this way or is it going both one or the other?