Hi Alexander, 
I see you got punrewrite installed finally ... ;^) ...

Some suggestions...
1) You could try downloading the "Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar" to help you inspect things a bit. 
2) Install Live HTTP Headers for Firefox and inspect the live headers.  In order to best understand what it may should be doing you would do well to have a virgin PunBB installation into a separate directory where you can view 'normal' live headers behavior, and then make comparisons.

See if you can disable punrewrite for comparative testing.  If you have a backup of the pages from before you updated your package, you could install that to a separate directory ... I wouldn't worry about the database (at this juncture).  If you cannot do this, ask the person who implemented punrewrite for you (assuming it wasn't you).

Just some thoughts.  Good luck.


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The multigroup mod for 1.2 has been updated and works well.  If someone migrated it for use with 1.3 it might be helpful.

AlexanderS wrote:

Thanks twohawks,
Matt has been helping me and it's almost right where I want it.

Oh, glad to hear that.

@Utchin: It will be interesting to see a thread on charging and donating (when the time comes).

Hey 'auto'... since you are staying with 1.2.xx, and it doesn't appear you are turning up any help here (are you?), you may wish to consider Fluxbb instead.  Porting over is a no-brainer (yes you could get help to do it if need be) and then you could ask over at the Fluxbb forum if someone could help you with these mod updates you need assistance with.

Just an alternative thought since I haven't seen anyone answer your posts either here or at punres.

Sidenote @Matt: wow, do you know it appears you have the most amount of posts in the least amount of time of anyone on this forum `8^O ..whoa! HA!

Hey 'auto' ;^)
Rumor has it that 'Garciat' does this sort of thing.  If you don't get any repsonses you might try pm'ing him.
Good luck.

If I understand this correctly, here is another example (I am researching how to do this today)....

We use subforum mod. 
1. The Admin creates a Parent forum called "Bee Company" to which all users at levels 'A', 'B' and/or 'C' have read access. 
2. When you go into Bee Company Forum, there is the main/parent Forum, and then there are subforums listed for Bee Company group activities.  Other Users may read and watch, but only Bee Company members may post and interact - these subforums are for them.
3. We wish to have the subforums listed on the index, which requires giving read access to the main forum.
**4. The Admin wishes to create a Private Topic for her eyes only in the Parent Forum where she can make notes on Bee Company individual and group progress taking place in the subforums

Hope this makes sense.  What it would require is the ability to check off a topic as 'Private', similarly as you would as 'Sticky'.

I was thinking that if I got your idea right, kikloo, then posting this may be helpful to sorting out the value of this, and the solution.  This would be a typical tool for forums for schools that almost any teacher would find useful.

I edited post #5 above so anyone can get to the version 1.9.2 or 1.9.3 download links.
Edit: oh yeah, install 1.9.2 unless you need/want the extra feature listed in 1.9.3 ;^)

Regarding the load on the server, I don't think this is true at all, I know what the difference is between v..2 and ..3, and there would be no reason for added load (that I can determine anyway).  I do not know why the poster had this problem or thinks this - doesn't make sense (no offense to the poster, I just think you have a separate problem).

Good luck finding the help you need, marc ;^)

Utchin wrote:

<snip>However 1.3 uses a one click install and un-install, so you can easily install mods and can upgrade your forum without having to go though a hard and time consuming process.

Assuming, of course, the mod(s) you need is already built and has the features you need/want, or you are building it ;^)


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You can presently do this in PunBB/FluxBB versions 1.2.x using the (recently updated) multigroup mod (ver 0.11c).
Go to punres.org to find the multigroup mod.

I believe FluxBB 1.3 has the multigroup extension slated for release, but PunBB 1.3 (already out) does not.

Get yourself out to the later pages of the SubForum topic, say near http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=594&p=5.
You want version 1.9.3 (http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?pid=20714#p20714
I recommend reading the last 3 pages of the topic - shouldn't take you long and will get you 'on the page'.
And yeah, it has many edits, but its 'the one' you want if you wish to have subforums in your exisiting 1.2.x pun.
Good luck!


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I found this interesting discussion which I believe generally addresses this question...
http://www.experts-exchange.com/Program … 01575.html

Per SubForum mod... no (easier way), you have about 29 edits to perform.  Its a solid mod, though, and the one to use if you are looking for subforums for 1.2.x
Good luck!

Hmm, I posted this at punres,
http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=594 (post# 260)
didn't realize related thread here, so I thought I'd do well to post this here as well....

I have completed and posted an update to the MULTIGROUP MOD 0.11B, now version 0.11C, complete with handling  integration of the Sub Forum Mod (if you have that installed), and now functions as you would expect a multigroup application should.  And I removed most of the pain from the installation, too.  (Man, it was a bruiser, esp with other mods touching the same queries).

You can check it out here: http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=150


Per #3: Yeah, but then you have to do it in any style sheets or style sheet updates.
I think the easiest way is to simply comment out the <pun_board / title> entries in the header.php file - one time, one place, and (per#2) you still get to keep the board title and description entry for however it may be referenced in other ways on the board.

At least, that's how I feel its best done in v1.2.x.  Should be same/similar for 1.3.x.
Just my 2-sense.

I don't know 1.3, but here are some poignant tips:
1. Backup you current files, then backup your database.
2. Always do #1 first.
3. Restore your 1.2.x backup files to your online directory... you did backup the files didn't you?
4. Then find out what changes the upgrade made to your database and how to reverse or undue those changes.

Per #4, they probably have a tool here for doing that and keeping the forums, topics, and posts that have occurred in the interim.
Per #3, it is always best to test an installation either locally (on your own server), or in a separate installation online while you sort out the particulars and run your tests. Then take it live, after backing up the live site files and database first, of course ;^)

Well, this doesn't help you with the database chagnes, but I hope it helps in general.
Good luck!


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I do not know about MyBestBB.  Just to mention, I would think it does not have the latest updates of some mods - you would have to check that for each mod it encompasses.  I would recommend perusing the relevant MyBestBB topic to see what other users there say about their experience with it.
Good Luck!


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Hard to believe how long you are awaiting a reply.

All I can respond to is the part about subforum mod for pun1.2.2... the mod will work with any version of pun/flux versions 1.1.x and 1.2.x.  When installing mods for versions less than 1.3 be sure to read the forum sticky (I cannot remember where exactly offhand, but probably in the mods forum... on how to adjust the version number in 'install.php' that comes with most mods.

The pabb's subforum mod will not work with punbb1.3, and I do not know if there is an extension for this.  Others should be posting here soon, I would think, with more information.

A little late maybe, but for anyone reading this, possibly this can help get you started...
http://bibekpaudel.wordpress.com/2008/0 … plication/


Subdomain BAD REFERRER Issue: Solved

Hi Folks, I ran into a problem with using subdomain redirect management on the site, i.e.,
1) the forum is installed in a subdirectory named subdomain (as an example)
2) the url of the site is subdomain.domain.com which points to the /subdomain folder,
and so PunUploadExtra is installed normally under root/subdomain/upload.php  (etc)

The problem arises because PUE uses php_self as the main 'self locator' variable throughout the code, so when something like a file, or say for instance "upload file" is called, the url appears as
http://subdomain.domain.com/subdomain/u … ?uploadit=
...which is both incorrect and also insecure (because it exposes an otherwise hidden directory).
As well, and this is the show stopper, when trying to get files from the site you will find yourself facing the dreaded BAD REFERRER error from the security referrer checker ;^)

The solution is simple: in uploads.php replace all occurances of

NOTE: This works for installations that support the variables mentioned (depends on your server's operating system, version of apache, and version of php). 
You should look at your installations phpinfo() (google it) so you can determine its supported in the way intended (you will be able to identify the relevant variables presence and how they display their information).

Here is nice intro to the use of these variables: http://php.about.com/od/learnphp/qt/_SERVER_PHP.htm

Not a difficult problem, but it can bugger you up if you migrate to subdomain management with rewriting and such.

Hope this helps anyone ;^)

new morning wrote:

Well, it's not that I want to customize anything that isn't allready possible on PunBB :

I am certain you can customize it, or have someone do it for you, in the exact way you want... its just that I cannot spend the time right now... I was only passing by and trying to offer some pointers if I could.

new morning wrote:

It's just that I was desappointed to realise that this mod blocks access to other members profiles, usually accessible from there posts OR the list...

Yes, typically for the logic in this setup is they are somewhat tied together, i.e., if you wished to block access to the profiles, the list would thus be inaccessible; as well, typically if you wished to block access to the list of users, then their profiles would be inaccessible.
So no, the logic is as you are observing it, and you did not make any mistake, and the logic is consistent with the intended simplicity of design.
As well, the simplicity also allows for sculpting a solution that would suit.

new morning wrote:

For instant, if you click on "new morning" on the left handside of this post, you will access to my profile, through profile.php, and I don't see why this is related to the access of the userlist, commanded through userlist.php

As I said  in my previous post, you could enable viewing of profiles, and thus the list, and then simply remove the list page and any links to it... then no one could access the list, but peoples profile links would show, and readers would have acess to that.
  This of course does not address the issue of how a user might customize what others may see... that's another issue that would have to be coded out.  It also does not address the problem (equation) of administrative access to the list.

I think all these things can be worked out. You might try hunting around outside this thread, and at punres.org too, and.....

nm, there are big changes going on here you should know about, I suggest you read the news section. 


Hi nm... While I don't follow everything exactly, I think I get you a little better per difference between userlist and profile page you are speaking to.
And no, I don't think the userlist mod is going to help a user to be  able to customize who can see what on their own profile.
Maybe you could consider playing with removing the userlist.php page and links to it altogether (sounds like you don't really want it), and go from there.
I am sorry I could not offer more help with this.
Good luck.


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Connorhd wrote:

...Some of you may have been wondering about the future of PunBB and the current development team following Rickard's announcement that he will not be actively involved with PunBB, at least for the time being.

Wow, this seems sudden walking in here today. 
I didn't realize Rickard's statement actually implicated what you state there Connor.  Do you mean what he posted just a couple days ago (on the 29th), or was there something further back (I searched but ...I didn't find clarity on that)?

I'm kind of on the fringe and haven't been able to invest enough time getting to know you all better (yet), so I can't say as I know so much about you guys relationships and what's really happening in the inner circle,
but I've been hanging around since I first got here because I really dig your collective spirit and focus with pbb  - and I thank you for sharing that.
Considering that, and what I am hearing... if the core are moving on to something else, then for what its worth, I feel like its only right to continue supporting your effort.

I wish you luck, and I'll bcnu there.

Hmmmmm, yeah, I think I have to backpedal here a little and say I think you can do something close to what you want (I just don't get enough coffee some days)...

forgive me, I don't have time to look at the code right this moment and give it to you straight, but I think it would be possible to add some code that would impose the following logic...

"if user can read the board AND (view_users isn't 0 OR id is true) AND user has posted is true,"
"then permit view list", i.e.,
   if ($pun_user['g_read_board'] != '0' && ($pun_user['g_view_users'] != '0' || $pun_user['id'] == $id) && pun_user_posts is true) $permitted = 1;

...where... you need the proper statemnt for "pun_user_posts is true", of course, and also...
you have to poll/pull the "posted info" from the database in the preceding db lookup in order to have that info available.

So the idea being you could give them all permission to view the list, but it wouldn't kick in until they had at least posted once in the past ;^)

If that suits, you should be able to figure it out from there.  Good luck.

(Somebody check me on this, my coffee is weak today...)


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Practically speaking, in the long run probably all that will matter is the content of punbb, and if what has been promised is ever betrayed.  However, even if that were to happen it may not matter in the long run either (but only if losing existing community support disappeared before 'new' support could be built during such a transition.)

As some here have suggested, maybe shifting the domain focus like this is only a trivial matter and really doesn't technically matter in the short, or even the long, run; but I cannot help but think community trust may indeed matter more, and shouldn't be taken for granted.  (And just to mention, I personally think a domain shift like this is not trivial. )

Oh Hell, as long as Rickard is at the helm with his tremendous team I still feel encouraged, i.e., there would have to be pretty radical negative changes for me to feel like I would no longer wish to be supporting them or this project (in whatever meager way I might do).

...However, neither do I find these things trivial just because strictly technically speaking they may not be>>...

I cannot help but immediately find it disturbing encountering a cheesy company domain (I mean, notonly do I find it weird and disturbing seeing "informer" in the url [jeez], but then it seems to be some short lived company with an interest in tracking - oh yeah, that's the spirit that compells me), ...what I mean is it felt like suddenly punbb is owned by some unknown software/(people tracking?) outfit or - well who are they?!, ...and so then my confidence with the product base here starts coming into question (quite naturally, i.e., no attitude required on my part).

And that the owner would take a prime domain for a powerfully prime product and then demote it to a subdomain to a questionable company?  (and  tracking and informing?)...  Anyway, shifting the domain in this way just seems to me plain stupid, or more to the point, ameteurish or parochial, or simply another brilliant way to bring me one step closer to being tracked by a tracker... hell I don't know.
Another indication of what may carry punbb to the next stages?

Oh, then I start checking out this thread, and go read a little more of what I didn't initially find out about who he/they are...
...I have to admit, it didn't help, ...as I keep adding things together I find this all a bit more disturbing. 

Sorry if that all sounds a bit harsh, or even childish, but to cap it off... I was not turned by your responses to hcgtv or others "anotoly" in your statements, including the one where you say "Feedback from the community is the guideline for our strategy and has always influenced our decisions". 
   Plainly (blatantly) that is counter (meaning opposite) to what one may observe right here in the community, which only lends further support to any concerns being raised by others here - concerns of can they trust the new owners. 

Obviously, based strictly on what we can observe here, we cannot really know.  Trivial or not, there it is.

Oh well, maybe I misread something? Guess we'll see what happens.  If I didn't misread or misconstrue, then I feel at least this is a good heads up, ...i.e, I won't expect things not to change in some unexpected way.


Hi new morning (I kind of like the ring to that ;^)...

Without digging into the code I don't think you can restrict access to the list while allowing access to the list, which is what it seems you wish to do..

i.e., if I am a member and cannot access the list of users, then there's no way I am going to have access to your profile link in your post because it takes me to the users list, to which I have no access.

The only way to do what I think it is you wish to do is would be to create a mod that allows "grouping members" according to some criteria, and then allowing members to view only the other members in the same group.
I don't think there would be some other practical way to approach this.

Just my two-sense.

Maybe something esle would help if we knew the reason for wanting to do this (i.e., the logic).