[link removed - no warez or porn links permitted] suggest a GOOD mod i should add?

btw guests can't see the extra tables just so you know.

here is the plugins i have

    * Global topic
    * AdminLogs
    * Broadcast Email
    * Cash Mod
    * Custom Pages
    * Forum cleanup
    * Image Awards
    * Merge Forums
    * Private messaging
    * News Generator
    * Reputation
    * User management
    * Chat room

Other Stuff:

    * Spell Checker
    * Colored UserGroups
    * Easy BBcode
    *Author Column
    *Color table on right side when making a new post.
    *Referral Mod

Im sure its posted somewhere here but i gtg in 5 mins n i cbf to look, very sorry, but could someone quickly link me n ill check back when im on again big_smile


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can .ogg files have any sort of viruses in them


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i've heard .ogg file format wasn't save but thats just what i've heard plus who in the heck even uses .ogg? :S


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http://leetskype.com/ please register if you wish to be part of the new rpg being developed or if you would like to use the 10mb music uploader other then that give feedback on how it looks smile