I've just realised, that now, in the files that were altered you cannot see links for:

"Show new posts since last visit"
"Mark all forums as read"

not sure how to fix this one so if somebody could help that would be great!

Hi guys,

I just installed the Miniportal today and think it's fab btw.. Anyway, one thing was bugging me, the fact that the sidebar appeared on the whole forum.. So I played around and found a little fix...
You need to make sure you have the stock template saved in the template dir under forum.tpl, or change the script to suit you.

Open header.php


    $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/main.tpl');

before add:

else if (defined('forum'))
        $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/forum.tpl');

Then every page you define as a 'forum' page will use the standard template (the forum.tpl is the stock template I re-named).

Just add

define('forum', 1);

at the start of viewforum.php, viewtopic.php and your forums base php file.


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http://www.simzi.co.uk/ is my website running punbb 1.2.14, what do you think?

Hi there - Just want to say, I had a few problems getting all of this to work on 1.2.12, but I've just updated and got it working straight away on 1.2.14.
Thanks Connorhd for your work, it's great!
One thing, I was wonderinf if somebody could tell me how to show the news, so it's not organized by date, but just in a list with something like a horizontal line separating them.



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Don't worry, I managed to do it!


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right - I've installed SO many trashy mods for my forum, and they're just conflicting with each other.

what i want to know is,

if i delete the whole forum folder, and install it again, will all the posts and users still be there if i leave the database alone!?

PLEASE PLEASE can somebody get back to me on this, need to know asap!!



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I have most of the addons working, as you can see here: http://forum.simzi.co.uk I just need latest posts and the news generator working!


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Hey Connorhd,

I installed the miniportal using this:


this had nothing in there about using news that miniportal generates?

please could you help me I've been looking everywhere o nhow to generate news!


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Hi, can anybody tell me where to find a tutorial etc on how to add a news poster to the front page of my portal? thanks


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Hi guys, I've just installed the mini portal thing on my punbb forums, and there's somehitng i need help with.

I have the sidebar links for the main index.php, but they also appear on every forum page too , i only want them to show on the index. how do i remove them?


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It happens on all PunBB forums.. It maybe just my colleges network?


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Hey all. I'm using PunBB 1.2.12 on my forums and we've found a bug. When you post a reply or topic or anything and close the window when it says it's re-directing you, it starts to open millions of other internet explorer windows.

Could somebody help becuase this is really annoying especially when we want to close it quickly at college.




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Well - He lives about 5 miles away from me so we're not using the same computer to register an account..


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Hi guys.. I've got 1.2.12 installed on my site and I asked a mate to register.

He got this message:

A new user was registered with the same IP address as you within the last hour. To prevent registration flooding, at least an hour has to pass between registrations from the same IP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I thought.. okay ISP problem? So I tryed to register for him and let him change PW after.. But to my dismay I got the same message! Can anybody shed some light on the problem>?

Thanks big_smile