same problem with me; im using FF 2; i got the full PHP code of the file.... but its only happen sometimes...

Hi guys;

Im trying to use SSL with my forum, i put the code to rediect it to https instead of http in the header file. However it doesnt appear the right style of my forum anymore. I just wonder what i do wrong. If im wrong please explain to me how do i do it?

Here is my code to redirect:

<? if ($_SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] != 443)


hi btw i need help;

i cant use UT-8 in your chat box; i use the javascript in order to type my font... but it doesnt appear right some words. meanwhile my javascript works fine with post/edit in forum or even when add event in calendar mod. can u please tell me whats wrong


thanks for your reply;

may be i will do the second one wink

elbekko wrote:

Just put a link or an *shiver* iframe?

that is not a bad idea; but if you could put the list there; it would be better right? wink

u right click on my link and save link as wink

hi guys;

do we have a mod that we can put the punnb board stats into our forum? so members always can see the rank of the forum in the punbb board stats?


sorry im at work so didnt notice have mail; im working on it i will tell u later..

thanks again

thanks for your reply;

i still cant work it out; if i put it back to your code and put the CSS into CSS file then it doesnt display the way i want...and i tried to use yours but still can not...

vietnamese language pack

download here

including plugin and lang files also

so you should provide what the errors were? so ppl can help u out smile

im using 1.2.14 and i did install this also; and it works just great.... u should follow and read carefully every steps in the read me....

sudhir_nyc wrote:

I tried it on PunBB 1.2.14, it does not work...

any clues how to make it work ???

i think u should open the install_mod.php file; fidn this line

$punbb_versions    = array('1.2.5', '1.2.6', '1.2.7');

and add your version in to that array . it should be fine smile

i think it is because of your hosting wink

@Kha0sK1d: aye its fine; you did a good job
@elbekko: i like your mod also; but there are some reasons make me think of it:
- ive pointed my link for rating from outside to the rate file in the Kha's mod. (so ppl can rate from outside) . however i can change it easily...
- i got the reputation mod add on my forum, and your mod looks the same with it; sometimes it makes ppl confuse u know wink
- and yeah i like stars tongue

but after all both of u did a great job  smile thx for that.


im trying to put this one

echo "\t\t\t\t\t\t<td ".$class." style=\"border: 1px solid #E9F0E8;background-color:#FFFFFF;\" align=\"center\" valign=\"middle\">".$date_no."</td>\n";

instead of

   echo "\t\t\t\t\t\t<td ".$class.">".$date_no."</td>\n";

everything work fine just except it doesnt show the current day; i tried to put it back again and put

.calendar_day {border: 1px solid #E9F0E8;background-color:#E8E8E8; align="center" valign="middle"  text-align: center;}

into my CSS then it does show the current day but the layout not working. can anyone please teach me whats wrong with this?

PS: with others like birthday;event it works great...

I know this is out of topic, so just please ignore me if you want smile


twohawks wrote:

that's a nice drop shadow effect.

thanks; i told u i like colourfull tongue

thx a lot; i got it wink

thanks again...need ZZzzZZ now hehe smile

hi again;
can u please help me again; i saw that at firefox (im using firefox); the table and the background doesnt fit ; hmm what i mean is the date always at the left of the block ... i tried to fix it but only can at IE, not with Firefox. dont know if u have any idea?


no i did not change anything; everyhting were fine untill i pressed to the navigation; it didnt work. so i just move the calendar to the right; under the login; then everything become normal again...

this one happened before when i try to get the forum navigation to outside; when i just put the Pun root above the login then the navigation and my news didnt work...

thanks for reminding me; i changed all to as u said. but it is still the same; so i think i just move it under the login will do  hehe...
thx again

hmm its not right ...

whenever i put this one

require 'srv/www/vhosts/';

to the top and then all my news including my navigation not works sad I only can use it at the login one...

so now i have to move the calendar to under the login hehe

thank you smile im looking for it also; so it can ; u know each days have the seprate blog ; and each row have its own colour; it would be sweet. aye im a girl and i like colourfull things tongue

yes i did all; it looks so sweet now; thank you very much "good guy" wink

woot it is nice smile thanks

P/S: i just know about php/css about 1 month ago; so still have a lot of things to learn...