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This is also how I post code on my design site and on my blog. Its easier for me to remember to just put <code> around my code. smile

I've used just about every other forum system out there from phpBB, vB, IPB, textforum, SMF, etc and punBB is my first choice since I found it last year. I've used it several times. I prefer it over others mainly because its so lite. It comes with the basics you need to run a forum then you can add whatever else you need. Its very fast, valid xhtml/css, and a great active community also makes a huge difference.

There are tons of plugins to add just about everything you would need. Some of my forums are very simple and only have the Private Message plugin while others i've installed I've used several plugins. Its great to have that option to include only what you need. The styles are easy to change and create your own. Overall its just great. A few minor downfalls right now but all that seems to be in the works with the upcoming release.


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I got one November 19 at launch in the US. Spent 17 hours in line for it with 70 other people. It wasn't bad though. I personally love the Wii. I'm 21 btw. Wii Sports for a bundled game. I love Golf and Bowling for it. My 3 year old son loves the Baseball and does pretty good. My parents on Thanksgiving came over as I hosted it at my house this year and everybody loved playing (and my mom and dad are not gamers at all). Zelda TP is an amazing game on its own. Excite Truck is an awesome game as well. The controls are perfect and just an exciting game. My son loves it also.

The Wii overall has been great. Waiting for some more games and of course online play for a few. We haven't played that much on it as its impossible to get controllers and just one controller isn't much fun for party games (SMBBB). I would recommend everybody at least go to a Wii Kiosk and give the system a try.

I haven't played many games but Madden '07, NFS:Carbon, Zelda:TP, Super Monkey Balls: BB, Trauma Center (my girlfriend loved it), Excite Truck and Wii Sports.


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Did everybody on your site get the redirect or just you? It might be spyware/adware on your computer.


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I get no redirect myself using FF2.0 on Windows.


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Yeah, I love the new look and changes they have been doing the past year. I've used SF for about 3-4 years now and its seen many great changes, but still lacks in a few spots. Can't complain for a free service that provides that much though. I've used Google Code recently to test it out and its nice, but does need some work also.


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Thanks. We have used the SF Forums for awhile now but nobody has used it. Instead we get emails daily for support. So, I finally asked why they don't post in the forum for faster support from other developers and most said they couldn't figure out the SF site. I don't think its that hard, but i've used it for years now. And your right they do look really bad. Plus lack any real features of a forum.


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Today I've been setting up a support/development forum for which i'm the project admin and developer for. The script is 2532|Gigs and is an opensource php/sql gig lister. The forums are located here; http://forums.2532gigs.com . The forums will serve as a support forum mainly as it seems a lot of people find the SourceForge forums hard to use and navigate. Let me know comments/suggestions. The style is based on CrystalBlue. I changed the colors and changed the sticky and locked icons to new ones.


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This would make for a great mod (unless there already is one and I missed it). I would be interested in displaying some popular tags below the forum.


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I was a little far behind as I was running 1.2.11 but just updated using hdiff and works great. Thanks.


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Everybody keeps saying to center it, so I plan on it today...

The site is technically not "live" just yet. The forum button isn't linked because at first I wasn't sure how I wanted to display the forum. At first I thought about displaying it inside the site layout (removing the right sidebar to give it more room), that way the main menu would still be there, but I've dropped that.


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Here is a link to the punbb forum for a band I design for. http://forum.southernaggression.com/index.php  Its not the greatest layout, but I kinda like 'simple'. Its always a work in progress, as can never just let something sit there. I still gotta create new post icons.

Its intergrated a little with the site which is here http://www.southernaggression.com/indexv2.php

Comments/Suggestions Welcomed (as the band never gives any). smile


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Very nice... Clean, colors work perfect. It looks awesome.


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Thanks pogenwurst. Exactly what I was looking for. Worked perfect.


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I am looking to put some php code in my brdheader in main.tpl but the php doesn't work. The code I am using works, just not in the brdheader. I don't know much about the template system for punbb, so I don't even know if I can do this... Any suggestions or help?

Its a forum for a band I design for and in the header I have it sliced with a little section to display upcoming gigs with a link to the flyer. But it gets the info from the database. That what the php code does.