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fantasma wrote:

oh thanks... i suggest use mIRC, download here: http://www.mirc.com/get.html

Don't use mIRC, there are many IRC clients just as good for free, like: http://www.kvirc.net/


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Wow, great. I'd be willing to pay for some modifications... maybe an e-commerce mod would be cool too, although probably a lot of better options for it.


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Great job guys. Won't be updating for awhile though... blah still on an old version.

When did PunBB change to tableless coding BTW? Really impressive.

Please don't post if you haven't the slightest clue about an answer.

I'm trying to find a poll mod to use that's not complete crap. Easy Poll is what a lot keep talking about, but I keep getting errors about it working with 1.2.16, and for some reason I doubt that's the last error there would be even if I got past it. Not to mention it's a pain in the ass to modify all those files manually... they don't even include modified ones in the damn pack. Crap.

So is there anything that's half decent out there?


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Hi all,

I'm using WAMP on Windows XP. PunBB was running fine, then all of a sudden is started giving this error:

Error: Unable to write configuration cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'.

I have no idea how this can happen on Windows, when everything was fine. I'm at a loss, and I didn't touch anything. I also deleted everything in the cache folder, but that didn't help.



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Smartys wrote:

Then it's sort of difficult to determine what your particular situation is wink

Ahhh, maybe I didn't make it clear enough. Sorry.

I'm having trouble understanding what the charset is for. PunBB is currently set to 8859-I and works perfectly fine with Korean, so what's it even there for if it changes nothing?

On the other hand, how do you change punbb's charset?


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Smartys wrote:

Link to the site?

It's not up yet; I'm working on it locally.


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Hi all,

I'm setting up punbb for a Korean community (I speak it some), but I'm totally lost and confused when it comes to to the correct charset to use. I can use the forum with Korean installed just fine using an English charset (iso-8859-1)... which shouldn't be the case, afaik (unless the headers are forcing it to utf-8 or something?).

Charsets just confuse the hell out of me (linking me to a page about it won't help -- tried that). So if one of you could straighten me out, I'd really appreciate it.


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I'm creating a website for a Korean organization and I decided to go with PunBB. However I'll need a Korean language pack once I finish the integration and get ready to turn it over to them.

Does any such thing exist? I've seen PunBB in Korean before, but I'm not sure if they translated it all themselves.

Thanks all.


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Really cool. Thanks. Now you need to do full tutorials for Java, and I'll be even more happy ;p


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I'm surprised no body has made a shot at a spam extension yet... guess it's a complex thing to do.

Awesome mod. Thanks!


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Looks neat to have it on; what's the downside to showing a few statistics about your server?


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A blog! I just realized that you're missing a comma after "unfortunately", too (from the 1.3 pics) -_-


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Every time I see a thread about fixing problems for IE, I cry. Not much else to say sad


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Tables don't "belong in the last millennium", they are just not used correctly -- they are meant for tabular data; that will hold true as long as a div is used for division and p is used for a paragraph.

I wasn't aware PunBB had this feature, but, since it does, there should be an option to allow stopwords in a search... I can think of a couple situations you'd maybe want it... maybe.


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http://creativebits.org/webdev/ie_conditional_css <-- Conditional stylesheets. A MUST.

I'm pretty sure this is not the case for IE7 (I refuse to update to that crap, though)... can someone confirm?


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Great ^^!

I'm not sure exactly how it's coded, but a little CSS tweaking could make it how you want it vertically across the top of the actual post, yes.


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101 dumbest business moments


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"AmusingDomains" wrote:
Dave wrote:

I alterend mine a while back to:

When speed is essential, use PunBB.

It's true. Punbb is much faster than other forums out there.

PunBB is my favorite, but you guys might check out Vanilla, too. Very good forum.


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Rickard wrote:
Plubyblop wrote:

First, about money. Are you now splitting up donations and income from ads?  Maybe just income from donations?

I'm keeping them for now. Think of it as salary for keeping the site up and running. We're saving up donations to give back to the community though. We've been thinking about having a style and extension competition when 1.3 is finished. I think a $500  price in each category should get the creative juices flowing smile Either that or maybe give away $100 for every security vulnerability that is reported during a month or so (and hope it doesn't exceed 10 big_smile).

Plubyblop wrote:

Also, with this move, are you ever planning on releasing a pay for version, or are you going to stick with the free version. Personally, I wouldn't mind paying for it if you ever decided to do that.

No pay version.

Contest ideas are great... I'll submit a design, definitely. Made so many already.

No pay version is right -_-