thank you. found the script in the "script" folder.

neh, i've changed all the queries on the 2nd installation that had to be changed.
so now i have two installations.

i logged off from the forum, but my forum is on maintenance mode, seems like i can't login anymore to change it. Where in the database should i change it back to 'online mode'?

Thank you.

ok, thank you, i'll take another look.

i have some php skills, but i don't know where to look smile

Yes, that are two simple options.. option 2 is the one i have right now on my invision power board. I don't want that anymore, i want two seperate forums.

The reason is, i want to have a dutch and english forum totally seperated except for the users. (because there are almost no english speaking people who speak dutch, but there are a lot of dutch speaking people who can speak english)

So if anyone can help me.....

is it possible to install two punbb's that use the same database but only share the user table?

thank you,