Does anyone knows where I can find fully working dokuwiki integration?

Thanks smile


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I have already confirmed. Photopost do NOT have bandwidth at this moment and are not interested in taking up the job

I am looking for some one to devehelp frolop a photopost+punbb integrations. Would be ready to pay if any of punbb developers take it up

Can any one help me?

intedinmamma wrote:

Awesome looks (and functionality), but what happened to the PunBB copyright notice? Or am I missing something?

As per Rick, it is optional and he did not mind removing it. At least in old days wink

Latvia, aha I visited latvia few years back in inter time...what a wonderful small country smile I am little surprised to see muslim community in latvian language, is there a big muslim community there? I come from a country which supposed has largest population of muslim so just curious

Coming back to your forum, design is indeed nice, may be you can add more community flavor to it. something like thee vb skins


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thanks smarty, you at least convinced me to give punbb team  benefit of doubt wink


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Smartys wrote:

FBI: Please take the time to read the rest of the topic, where Rickard and I try to address those concerns, and explain to me exactly what bothers you about it

Smarty concern is very simple. people have been happy the way Rick and team handled and supported users and development. With limited information of ownership change, people are bit worried about its future path. While there are assurances from the original team, the way acquisition was communicated is probably  causing a panic. Remember similar issues with UBB was acquired, incidentally name of the guy behind ubb was also Rick smile additionally committing that Rick will pork out if necessary adds the uncertainty.

If as a user, I am using punbb, today I don't know, if next versions will be available for free? will it become a paid software? will developers really continue with same dedication? (while assurances are there), and Qs like these are not answered. Like if I am starting a new board today, I will have a hesitation to use punbb, as I do not know whether "future versions" will remain free? or it will take route of minibb....its bit of a risk for my forum if I don't know the future impact of these changes

May be some one from the new company coming to these forums and announcing their vision would have helped to clear many of these concerns. Keeping everything under wraps is what creating these ripples, confusion and slowly loosing confidence.

To give an excellent way of communicating sudden changes I suggest you go thro If Rick would have communicated in similar fashion taking the community in full confidence, people would have welcomed it with open mind.

just my few cents smile


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Donation were asked for. If you check the earlier threads there was a thread about donations. And people donated whole heartedly (including me)

developers must earn a levaing that true....The point is not about that..Point is as a donar I feel cheated...the message is very ambiguos about future versions...or what it actually means to me as a end user...whats the impact of this sale on the end user...

Rick could have communicated this news in better way giving clear idea about what to expect, what will change and what will not change...


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I read the entire thread If you can read between the line....there is no garuntee that future versions will be free


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yes its end of free it may sound too harsh....but punbb asked donations to support the project...they developed it based on those donations and now selling it off for $$$ thats too bad...why dont you refund money of those who supported the script and donated for "development"


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thank you so much serina, I am no way a programer from any angles so trying to learn things slowly big_smile

Thanks for the pointers, I will work on them


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thanks yemgi, I updated the original post with right url of punbb

Sirena, I understand its showoff for punbb big_smile and its not an old site but a site which I am developing with punbb for forums. I had started with vb but later decided to go with punbb so you still see vb lying there

I will chip in too smile


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Please check my website and tell me what do you think? and what shall I improve smile

Is any one working in integrating Gallery2 and Punbb userbase integration?
I am sure there will be many who would be interested in such integration I dont mind sponsring this for punbb community if some one is ready to take it up as a paid job

I got it working but where do I change Active link font for cobalt theme?

Please check my site While punbb is nearly integrated into WP style I am not able to fix following

1. Overall width of the forum and the blog is not same. blog has a fix width of 950px. How do I setup punbb width in "main.tpl"

2. I am using Cobalt style, but need to change the "blue" active link color of the default cobalt css to match blog style.

3. Header/Footer: Header has some speacing while footer is coming correct.

4. Some text is aliged center within the tables e.g. logged in, last visit etc and show recent posts, unanswered posts etc.

Please help me solving these things smile

No that something great, but I donated a small amount long back and just noticed I my name is showing up as a member and not donar...would be nice to see donar written aginst my name smile


If any one is interested in working on a bridge for integrating siteframe ( ver 3.2.x and 5.x.x? I would be happy to pay a reasonable amount for the job well done.

Would be great if some one from punbb dev team takes this job smile


Does any one know if punbb can be integrated with PhotoPost pro?


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It looks quite interesting! I don't know whats your plan, but I am keenly interested in something like article manager where posts can be displayed as multipage article (similar to GARS for VB)

Will this be a feature in near future?


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this is one of the best style I have seen for punbb smile

Are these spam bots by any chance?


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Hi Jamespic, I am getting this error

"Fatal error: Trying to clone an uncloneable object of class mysqli in /var/www/james/punscms/f/include/dblayer/mysqli.php on line 52"


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How do I increase font sizes?