I just sent 10 bucks, I wont be doing any praying but i hope that earns my forgivenes, i just brought someone lunch!


Well I've made a complete fool out of myself, I was right thou the file isnt there, im using different software

Sorry all for wasting your time.

god damn!

Cheers, James


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Gday all,

Tobi you posted this,

Something like

$sql = ereg_replace($this->prefix ."users", "YOURTABLEusers", $sql);
Should work .
It must be placed in line 76 of include/dblayers/mysql.php

Replace YOURTABLE with the prefix of the usertable that you want to use.

dbplyers dosnt exist on my installation, im running the latest version, any solution?

Cheers, james

Gday Just got around to doing it, it says,

$sql = ereg_replace($this->prefix ."users", "YOURTABLEusers", $sql);

It must be placed in line 76 of include/dblayers/mysql.php

the folder dblayers dosnt exist, im using the latest version of the forum, so im guessing its for a earlier version.

Any solutions?

Cheers, James

Cheers, mate


I plan on setting up a few forums however I would like 1 users table shared between these.

I first thought Id just use 1 forum, and just select the categories I wanted the user to see in the index.php query, but you have the jump to menu, possibly other instances of showing all categories, plus a user could still input the forum id in the url, So I guess having multiple forums would be the way to go.

If anyone has a way of doing this, short of me destroying the fine code already written I'd love to hear it.

Cheers, James