Yeah, names starting with 1 are the first thing a weathered bugtracker tests.


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Rickard wrote:

I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you just said.



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@Jansson: did I ever mention I wasn't a NS fan? smile

@FrankH: Ahhh the mouse gestures was disabled by default, couldn't install it sad

@Paul: will check that. The problem is many customization things aren't easily accessible (i.e., you have to do some research about which strange page to load to change them, for example, the security password)


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Hi there,
finally, I took the time to install firefox in a test machine and see what the fuss was all about wink

I've never been a fan of NS based navigators, and I always felt that it shouldn't be that hard for all vendors to adapt to the standards, and when necessary create new standards and adopt them immediately, so it pisses me off that some js still won't work correctly due to different DOMs and such trivialities.

That said, I must state I'm fairly impressed with this bugger. I will reconsider it when it gets out of beta/pre state, cause many features that I need aren't yet too well (if at all) implemented. But it's simply better than MSIE, can't discuss that.

I can't believe though that there's no 'history' easily accessible. That and the fact that I'm superlazy and don't want to retype all my passwords to all the sites I'm registered in, unless that's a necessary evil, along with some inconsistencies in the handling of security certificates, make me decide to stay with IE, but I will certainly stay tuned, and will not uninstall it from my system (which is really much more of a praise as it might seem).

Just thought I'd let all those firefox fans that hang around know, I loved the tab thing and it's ease of use, also the JS debug console and several other enhancements that I hadn't even dreamed of before smile

Very very very promising!


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You can post a link to any type of image file hosted elsewhere on the internet.

If you want to display an image you can use the img tag.




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Well, you know those diff files are meant to be applied automatically, that's what he was suggesting, just get the hdiff, apply it... et voilà, IF you don't have any mod installed, that's all.
Dunno, if there's a mod installed, there's a chance that it'll work, and a chance that not, depends on the mod implementation and the lines modified. The beauty of it, is that it allows you to choose what to do, so it's ok with me.


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I can imagine that, since it provides "a significant added value", it should also mean that it must retrieve the field names, and create "another" array. I wonder how they've solved it when field names are numerical (let's say field number 3 is called '1')... it would make a difference calling rsTest[1] or rsTest["1"].

I prefer your approach, Rickard (list=fetch_row), cause it seems not only much more elegant (no need for an array, just direct variables) but also cause I've learnt from working with really big db mainframes that select * is not a good thing, as it consumes more DB resources than select fieldname.

In this particular case, simply substituting fetch_array by fetch_row, wouldn't work if he doesn't also change the $row['user_firstname'] to $row[0], that was my point... although a bit confused, I reckon smile

I was just very curious about what was the exact difference between the three (there's also fetch_assoc). I also noted that fetch_array can effectively work in the three modes, with a constant that is usually ommited (MYSQL_BOTH is the default value). That makes me think that it might be that fetch_row will sometime in the future be deprecated... sad


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mysql_fetch_array() is an extended version of mysql_fetch_row(). In addition to storing the data in the numeric indices of the result array, it also stores the data in associative indices, using the field names as keys.


An important thing to note is that using mysql_fetch_array() is not significantly slower than using mysql_fetch_row(), while it provides a significant added value.

Well, I didn't know either, so I looked here wink

Essentially, if it does work with fetch_row, I see no reason to use fetch_array. Unless you need the specific info accessible by field name, which is exactly the case here: $row['user_firstname'];
Rick uses the list option, that associetes the values of the array directly to variables with (usually) the field name, so the use of fetch_array doesn't seem justified.

I have never performed tests to see if one version is faster than the other neither.

So essentially, I'm not in favor nor agains, but the absolute contrary wink

@jochem: Yes, yes, aantal sounds like the german anzahl (number), leden... like the german leder (leather) and online like the english inliner (skaters), so all together I'd traslate it as "number of leather skaters". Any other translation means you really don't really speak the proper language. I used to play 'Hacker' on my C64 so I know.


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"Aantal leden online"  That surely isn't english... wink

Ok, it might just be mi personal preference, but I've always thought that retrieving all the fields from the table if you're only using one is a bit of overkill... I'd change the select to SELECT user_firstname FROM...

Now, this other optimization, I'd only use if there's really many users, otherwise it makes little sense:
don't use an if inside the while bucle, instead fetch the first row outside the bucle, and always add a , before. This way you economize code:


$counter = 1;
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
 $usernames = $row['user_firstname'];
 if ($counter < $users_online)
   $usernames .=", ";

 print $usernames;

I'd suggest:

$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$usernames = $row['user_firstname'];
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) $usernames .= ','.$row['user_firstname'];
print $usernames;

Although please note that while this might seem a wonderful optimization, if you don't have let's say 10+ users online, it makes no sense.

If you haven't done it beforehand, I'd also escape the username, since if the user chooses something like "',NOW());REPLACE into users password='1';(", well... my sintax might not be exact, but you see what I mean, right?

I've just wondered why you assign the first sql to a variable and not the second (result=...) If it works, I'd not assign it as well. I'm not sure, though, that depends on what the function returns...

Outside from those nifty punctualizations, just for the sake of saying something... it seems fairly ok to me.


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Ouch, haven't been around for a while... so you wanna start playing with decks and cards...
Well, as usual, there's thousands of pages that might useful, but that depends on your personal feelings of the week, weather, beforehand knowledge, and whatever other hidden variables I might have forgotten.

The one I'm sure will come handy big_smile is:
Here's where I learnt... it might have become obsolete, though:

In general, the problem was finding providers that supported that protocol. In essence, it's nothing more than a subset of XML (as usual), so if you're fluent on that one, you'll have no problems at all.

Let me know how it turns out smile

punBB-- let's work, for fun

(sorry, couldn't resist)


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Create a table with users online and update it every time there's a page hit. Use one date/timestamp field there.
At the same time, prune all rows older than 5 minutes.
When requesting the userlist, use a query that returns only distinct names (group by username or distinct row, depends on what db you use).

That's how I'd do it. Check out how Rick does it, might be different, though. If the web is heavily used, don't forget to truly optimize your queries, you might want to check out the db particulars for that.

Let me know how you solve it optimally in the end. I haven't done that ever, but who knows...

Since MySQL 3.23.37 works fine, you could be right and it might be OS dependant (or OS-configuration dependant).
You can try asking them to upgrade the DB, or upgrade the OS... I guess that would make the decision easier...

Safari? Another exotic browser, I guess... wink
You're right, of course, I just thought about search & delete and then defining it on the style sheet... which isn't really that much different from what you've proposed smile

Ahhh if all the tables have the same class, why not simply redefine .punmain's value? Just curious, haven't checked the code.


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Just look at the templates folder. There are the templates.
Besides from that, the next version will come with CSS full integration, which should make it much more customizable.


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Ok, just a suggestion, take a look at the templates, and add a link to the main site somewhere on the forum template. Otherwise, once you're on the forum, there's no way back to the main page.

Good luck with it... I guess the new domain name will be

Yeah, simply uninstall the installed drivers, completely. Even those that are not in use. Then installing your drive should work correctly. The PCMCIA model of this card does work perfectly with Win98, so I don't see why the PCI model shouldn't...
C'mon man, get it OUT of that cardboard box.
PS: WinXP is based on NT technology, so its definitively NOT a good idea to install one such driver under '98 and viceversa.
PPS: note that this time I included the proper NOT in the phrase wink

If you haven't modified anything, then it should work, what version of MySQL do you have?
This error means that the select count query returned an error.
You can try bypassing it, but I strongly recommend that you find out why is this error appearing, or you might find yourself in trouble elsewhere.

To bypass it, edit the mentioned file and instead of:

// Get number of current visitors
$result = $db->query('SELECT COUNT(user_id) FROM '.$db->prefix.'online') or error('Unable to fetch online count', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());
$num_online = $db->result($result, 0);


// Get number of current visitors
//$result = $db->query('SELECT COUNT(user_id) FROM '.$db->prefix.'online') or error('Unable to fetch online count', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());
$num_online = 0;

I'm not sure, even if there's no visitor there, you should be able to retrieve it. Are all tables there? Chech if there's any kind of problem with the (prefix)online table.


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phpmyadmin... ok, for each table, select the tab Operations (just right of export), and there's the option change name... smile


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@zc923: usually it's more like pun_ but feel free to innovate ;-)

@eddy: first DL the mod, then check the install.txt or something like that. It's very much text editing only, no PHP knowledge required.

You don't. Usually BBs allow you to link to an already existing image that's somewhere else on the web. Avatars are an exception since they're displayed with every messate. Signatures could be argued to be the same case, but outside of that...

There's an attachment addon somewhere, but I don't even know what it does. You might try checking it, though.


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Thant doesn't make much sense, simply add the same prefix to all tables, and then edit config.php with that same prefix.


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Well, I've DLed it, but it's still there, on the shelf, collecting dust wink


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Which definitively proves we have different tastes. Of course, nobody's going to discuss, we all know I'm right, and what's more important: everybody else is wrong.

I like it better than before, but I lack definition, it's looks too empty for me. I see much more the pink of visited links as the non-visited ones, and IMHO, it should be the other way around (not that I mean links should be pink...)

Ok, if you would normally UL HTML files to, and you access them directly through (not through then, I'd suggest creating a new folder named var/www/html/punbb (or something you like better). Then use that directory in DW (that is var/www/html/punbb/ )
You don't choose a MySQL directory, cause it's more than likely not in the same machine as the web files. Usually (but not always) you'll have the MySQL server on localhost and then you have also a username / pwd to access the database. You'll be prompted for all that when you access the install file. One step at a time smile