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Of course, it's up to you, but IMHO it's too dim now. No character, so to say.


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Yep, since we can easily see the date of last post... smile


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It's all different points of view, but the result is the same, and you can use 7 extra bits on almost every TINYINT(1) that you have.

Now, we must only find added functionality to give them wink

Tsk tsk tsk... and I was led to believe you could speak swedish fluently... wink

BTW, I'm starting to find my typos on the spanish package. I'll wait a while and I'll send you a correction.

You don't have to reload the page. Only speed is the difference.
If you're only browsing, it's IMHO slightly unfriendly as it is now, cause you can't go back to the main page without scrolling up.

Of course, all cosmetic changes are a matter of personal taste, and fortunately we don't all have the same sense of taste smile

MaxiJazz, for what you want, you should read the file extern.php
Essentially you include that file on your page and call the routine that you want, wherever you want. It covers several possibilities, you can show current users, latest post, etc...

OMG, yeah, that was the worst advice ever. You're right. And you're right also about cpp smile

Since I'm pretty much the laziest person this side of the universe, I'll tell you the approximate steps, and then you request detail wherever you're stuck, ok?

1) you need to create a site on DW, through Site -> Manage Sites -> New (if you haven't already)
2) local directory must point of course to where you have the files on your HD
3) remote site must be configured with the particular details of your ftp account
4) ok, when you're over, it'll index the site. If you're on developer view (don't ask, I've no idea how to change modes), you've got a list on the right with 'design', 'aplication', 'code',... go to the files menu. There you'll see the whole list of files and directories. Select the uppermost folder (which will be your root web folder) and look for a blue arrow pointing upwards in the icons immediately over that. Press it. Wait. Eventually it'll finish and you'll be back. If there's any error, it'll pop up and stay there.

Ok, it's detailed but most likely not fully appropiate. Just write wherever you're lost, and someone'll try to help smile

I guess either you got confused, somebody moved the message, or that's a hell of a bug... smile
Good to hear that you solved your problem.


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Frank H: can leave an item in memory with PHP?


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Hmmm well, every situation has its pros and cons, but in this case, I'd say there's no way you can keep that in a server's memory, although it could be a session object (although I find that a lousy solution since it adds innecessary load to the server). Or a variable passed to the browser... I list all new topics since last visit (just like now at session start), and send you the id's in a cookie, on the next hit, I'll first add all new posts to the cookie, then substract the one you're requesting and show the rest as new when you hit the topic page again.
I think that's the best I could come up with, and I'm not sure it's even good.

Just a quick question, cause this error is due to the fact that some text has already been sent to the navigator, and thus trying to send headers now is useless. Does the output appear exactly as you wrote it? I mean "$d = dir($pun_root.'style');" appears first thing in your screen and then these errors? If so, look for an echo('$d = dir($pun_root.\'style\');') (or something alike) instruction in include/functions.php on line 108 or simply check what is written there that's sending output already to the browser.


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Ugly ugly solutions. Well, if there's not a very elegant and execution-quick way to solve this one, I think it's better left undone.


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You're right, but how's that normally solved? I can hardly imagine keeping a field for every user on a topic, or for every topic on a user... never thought of this problem before.

Ooops, my fault:
PCMCIA cards *are* hotswappable. You can disconnect them through software and then take them out.

PCI cards otoh, are NOT swappable, and you should try to take them in/out with the system on.

Well, your only choice is to start up in safe mode and uninstall. Test the card in another system. With PCI cards, I always put them in BEFORE I install the drivers. Especially if the card didn't exist before the OS came out smile
This model should be fully W98 compatible, so if you test it in another system and it doesn't work, the card is defective and must be replaced.


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Aw, you're right, and especially with my layout, I'd rather not... too many items on the menu :-)

I was just teasing, you're right, of course. A little corporate identity is ok, but it's not that critical there.


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Wow, play football while holding a beer on one hand... that's a thought.
Penalty for spilling in the door area! <rotfl>

BTW: Real developers don't sleep, they just rest their eyes.


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Yes, there is: if you're not administering it yourself wink

chris, I'm not asking if you've done it, just CHECK if they're there. There's a thousand reasons why an upload could go wrong. The error you're getting is because it can't find a file, what would you do if that happened on your computer? First thing, check if the file is there!! smile

Check the structure of directories you've created.
Is there such a directory?
Does it contain the file mysql.php (and some others)?

If any of the answers is no, then you haven't uploaded all the required files. The error you get is cause one of those files is not available, chances are it's not there, but it could also be that your server doesn't support relative paths (highly unlikely)


Those are the words I like!
But you made me look after that one... and man, it's sooooo different... Tack... well, not that bad a choice, I never saw it written, just heard it. And thanks god it didn't have one of those strange as with an o on top... which sound similar but not quite like the german ä...

Oh, well, looky what I found here...
The Swedish for ONION is LÖK  (LOOK)
Imagine you look like an onion.
The Swedish for CAKE is TARTA  (TORTA)
Imagine your daughter eating cake.
The Swedish for MUSHROOM is SVAMP (SVAMP)
Imagine a large mushroom growing in a swamp.
The Swedish for MEAT is KÖTT  (SHUT)
Imagine you shut the door on someone throwing meat at you.
The Swedish for SUGAR is SOCKER  (SOCCER)
Imagine a game of soccer on a field of sugar.
The Swedish for WATER is VATTEN  (VATTA)
Imagine you get fatter with water.
The Swedish for SOUP is SOPPA  (SOPA)
Imagine soup that tastes like soap.

So I guess swedish soup is not that good <lol>


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Yep, that's the way to go, modify the forum's layout so that it's like your website. There's a couple of sublteties there, but it's the easiest solution then.

Jeje, that's too far away! wink
If you had my users you'd understand trying to use exactly the same link as above...

But what you said gave me an idea...

New Line 438 (probably):
        <td class="punright" style="width: 19%"><b><a href="#" onClick="javascript:quickpost_div.style.display='block';">Quick Reply</a> / <?php echo $post_link ?></b></td>

then mod the form slightly under (~453) adding one line before:
<div id="quickpost_div" style="display:none;">
<form method="post" action="post.php?tid=<?php echo $id ?>" onsubmit="return process_form(this)">

and don't forget adding </div> after the form (line ~477)

Now you've got a divved add reply. Yeah, you've got to translate that one text inline, which means this does not qualify as a mod, but with very little extra code the quick post form doesn't disturb unless the link is clicked.

If I gather enough cosmetic changes, I might code it properly and release them as a mod. So if you have hidden wishes... (even you Rickard)


Ehhh ¿sorry?
It sounded like that when I heard it... now I'm not so sure *where* I heard it. I couldn't understand half of what she said anyway... like it would have made a difference wink
The other word I *thought* I knew was 'Hej', now if you tell me that's Norwegian or Icelandic... I'll go buy that dictionary

I've slightly changed the viewtopic.php file (around line 436, search for the pages thing) like this:

<td style="width: 53%"><b><a href="index.php"><?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($pun_config['o_board_title']) ?></a> / <a href="viewforum.php?id=<?php echo $forum_id ?>"><?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($forum_name) ?></a> / <?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($subject) ?></b> / <?php echo $lang_common['Pages'].': '.$pages ?></td>
<td class="punright"><?php echo $subscraction ?></td>

So as to have one more navigation bar on the bottom. Might as well be on another line, that I haven't decided yet, but on long topics, it's either scrolling up again, or using the back buttons, its effect would be adding another "forum /section /topic" linkbar just under the last post.

However, I am unsure if anyone else has seen the need for this, so... it might be named as a "mod", but... it barely qualifies smile

If anybody else has other navigational suggestions, it might be a good thing to pack a few changes together.