Longggg time ago i installed miniportal on my site. Works fine. Now I want the calendar to open in the middle of the mini portal so the sitemenu wil be constantly available. As soon as I change the main.tpl I get the next error

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare date_str() (previously declared in /forum-ttl-test/calendar/header.php:68) in /forum-ttl-test/include/user/showminical.php on line 37

Maybe somebody who can solve this little problem??

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a mod for the next request:

I´ve installed the calander mod which works fine. Now i want the possibility for users to let the forum know that they will join a event. Ofcourse they can write a message on the forum but what I want is a list of events and a list of users who will join the event per event. My english is very bad but maybe somebody who has a solution??

Maybe someone can help me with this slide little problem:

I try to add the minicalendar to  my portal page. The layout looks very nice as long as the default portal page is shown. When I put up another page instade of the default portal page the minicalender gets to width:-(
Can somebody tell me how i get the minicalender at a absolute width? It will help me a lot!!


I install the calendar a  long time ago en it works perfect!
But.....now I set up a new group of users. The problem is that the users who are in that group do not have permission to put up an event in the calendar. Can somebody help me with this problem?

I'm ashame to say..you're right...thanks...I uploaded viewforum.php...stupid!!

I've install de mod and everything works fine..except....after uploading a file the creation of the icoon doesnt seem to work. I have to put a link in the post myself...somebody any idea how to solve this problem?


Really a nice Mod!!! Thanks!

hi there...can anybody help me out with this problem: when I try to uplaod a picture to the gallery I get the next message: ERROR : You did not select a file to be downloaded. I've tried several files..all JPG but everytime I get the same info message.

Its a bit strange that the problem just started to day....did not have the problem earlier.

Someone with any idea???