Is it possible to have a forum (not a category) hidden from the installation index, while still allowing all user groups to view it? I'd like to use this hidden forum as a blog; having all posts within it be displayed on an external page (i.e. the blog), and allowing all user groups to view these posts on the external page. If the forum was open to view regularly, then it would pretty much defeat the purpose of having the external blog page, when they could just go to the forum; but I'd like to have a more integrated approach.

I was thinking to completely structure the index.php to have be static in regards to the forums displayed, just to hide this one single forum, but that is obviously not very efficient. Is there a way to exclude an ID being displayed in index.php? Or any other work-around will do.


Hey that info is great, thanks!

No that didn't work either, though thanks. But I did find a final solution. All I needed to do was to use the full path to the forums instead of just '/forums'.

The code I'm using now is:

Included before Doctype:

define('PUN_ROOT', '/full/website/path/public/forums/');
require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php';
require PUN_ROOT.'header.php';

Included where needed:

        if ($pun_user['is_guest'])
        echo('Welcome, Guest!');
        echo('Welcome, '.$pun_user['username'].'!');

Basically a slimmed version of pun_status.


Alright found a solution.

Although I'm still getting the error:

Warning: require() [function.require]: open_basedir restriction in effect.

PHP safe mode stuff? Any possible solution to this?


Thanks, although that's actually what I tired first and it didn't quite work. I keep getting an access error probably due to my htaccess settings, though those can't be changed since it would have other negative effects on the site elsewhere.

Thanks anyway, I'll keep trying for a solution.


I run a PunBB managed site. I wanted to know how to use pun_status, or a similar function on external pages of the /forums/ directory. Basically, I need to display something to the effect of "Welcome, Guest" or else "Welcome, User", on say website.com/index.php.

I tried looking for something small, though all I've found were large integration or conversion modifications.


Don't know if anyone posted this yet: http://www.quommunication.com/forum/

Modded a bit, and it looks like they removed the copyright/credit sad


I've been around here before with some of my previous work. My most recent project though is a site for a new and upcoming flight simulation project that I designed for, and am currently helping run (along with the lead developer).

When I designed the main layout for the site, I wasn't thinking about using forums at the time and had to create an alternate (wider) layout for the forums, although they pretty much match up. The forum design is still being worked on, with rendering errors being ironed out.

Take a look!



Well, currently the main site I posted before is not running punbb anymore, I've just installed it on my personal site! Basically my site is just an online portfolio (and maybe a blog later), to show off my skills as a web developer and hopefully get some jobs out of it...

But, as for the forum, this will be a resource center for other developers to come and join up, get tips, help, whatever... I'll be posting some tutorials over there on advanced design and all that. So check it out if your a design or developer!

URL: http://www.graeme.ws/hiddenmb/ (by the url will be 'hidden' on the main page of my site, the right-bottom.)

Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention that I _will_ be custom skinning this, and since I'm on summer holidays, hopefully I'll be making some cool public skins as well. smile

Is there no automatic way for that to happen? Like maybe have a modified pruning system?

Well, seems I can't find that old DB anymore, but it was a vBulletin DB.

As for the second question, yes. I would like to move all posts within a certain forum, that are older than 30 days, to another forum which no one has permission to post, but everyone (including guests) can read them. It's basically for my news archive.

I have an old SQL DB with about 10k members or so, and I would like to add it or replace the current DB with this. Is it possible?

And, is there a way to archive old posts from one forum, and lock them and place them in another? (I searched this but only found unanswered topics).

Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry if this is a repeat question.

I hope this hasn't already been created. I made it just now (because I run a private forum not viewable to guests), so that when a guest views the forums, he/she is presented with a notification telling he/she must register in order to view all the forums. Kind of like what v bulletin has.

Sample: http://www.imageplugger.com/images/EIz42462.jpg
Download: http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=3324


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Great, got it to work. Thanks for your help. big_smile


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Hmm, sorry but I don't really know what you mean there...

Does it need to be like this then:

<?php include("usr/home/hexify/domains/hexify.com/public_html/forums/extern.php$_GET['active']"); ?>


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Ok, got the news to work.

And, for the code, I used:

<?php include('http://www.hexify.com/forums/extern.php?action=active'); ?>

and I've also used the full path... Ie. usr/home/hexify/domains/etc, etc... in place of just the url. With having the full url, I just got a bunch of warning errors, and stuff like that.


I've searched the forums, and found nothing that has worked with this.

First of, the AP_News_Generator plugin keeps giving me permission issues whenever I click Generate News, stating: "Error: Unable to write news to ./plugins/AP_News_Generator/main.html. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory ./plugins/AP_News_Generator/.". I've cleared the cache, which hasn't worked. Also, I've had this problem before, which I had to get my host to fix, that's why I was wondering if it was just a simple problem.

The second, is when trying to use extern.php on the front page, all that comes up is: "No Permission". I tried different write permissions, and have used different path's to direct it to the correct file.

Any help is appreciated.

Could this be achieved? Integration with the Pligg CMS DB, so that when you register on the main pligg site, those details are carried over to the forums, making only one profile per person needed.

www.pligg.com is a web 2.0 cms.


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Thanks! Got it all working again.


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I recently had a hosting problem, in which they suspended my domains, and everything was messed up after that. Anyway, I had the databases restored, but the original config.php was lost in the confusion. I still have the original DB intact, is there a way to regenerate a config for it?

I tried reinstalling it with a different DB and then change the info in the config to match what I had before, but I got an error stating something about the Guest info could not be parsed or something like that.

As of now I have a new installation of it. But getting the old one back working would be fantastic. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I am blown away by the amount of customization allowed, ease of use and speed of Punbb... Spent months looking for software I could easily incorporate into my sites layout. Anyway I've been using it as the new forums on my site (hexify.com) and so far have had no problems. Super cool.

The forums link is: here.