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I'm finally tired of Vbulletin, and am seriously looking at PunBB...  One feature that I use on the forums in VB is the ability to setup a RSS import from news.google.com, etc. that will automatically post a thread...

is this possible in PunBB? and what is required to make this work?

Thanks in advance -


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good point...  I stuck with the std.  www.domain.com/forums...

Thanks for the good feedback.

Thanks, that did it...

Not sure if this is the right fourm to post this, but where would I change the width of the defauly style?  I've looked in Oxygen.css - but can not find the reference to 100% width???  Also looked in imports, but no reference.  Simply want teh defauly style to be 1024 pixels...

Any suggestions?


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Is there a way (module) to add to punBB so that when a person replies to your post, that it includes the new message in the email?  vs. saying you have a new reply and click it?

Thanks, this is an awesome program.  Very fast, and easy to use...


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Is there any benefit to using this forum configured




I've seen this on other forums, but wasn;t sure hwy persons would use one way vs. another?

Sorry for the stupid question, just trying to figure how to install scheme...

Thanks -