hi proweb

can you please share the further steps to take in order to remove views 'from being tracked'. Cheers.


Hey thanks. I will check it out.

And I assume I can use the the code as on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:LaTeX to display what I wish? (coz there's no way I'm gona learn 'Latex' language)

Thanks elbekko. But do you know if/where I can see a demo of it any where? (cause I don't know what latex is sad)

Hi all

Some of us are interested in setting up a Maths Forum, where we can share ideas, solutions, and support each other.

Does Mybb have any mods available for the editor (code box) that has mathematical charecters (symbols)? like squared (^2), pi, etc, etc

If not can you suggest any other boards?

Thanks in advance.

You mean this under my style_cs.css file:

DIV.box, .pun BLOCKQUOTE, DIV.codebox, #adminconsole FIELDSET TH, .rowodd, .roweven {BACKGROUND-COLOR: #F1F1F1}

If so How do I change it correctly?

Let's say if I wanted all even post backgrounds to be #FFF (white), how would I go about doing this?

I have tried editing style_cs.cc many times without any success.

Hi all... I've seen this done on a punbb powered board a couple of days back. Basically, I want every other post (the even # posts) to have a different (possibly darker or vice versa) background colour than the Odd numbered ones.

Thanks in advance.

That's was the only information I can see on the index.php page. Anyway, I rebuilt the index (don't ask me why) and disabled debug mode. Now the error has gone. Strange?

Thanks for assisting.

I've enabled debug mode. Now, how and where do I find full errors?

I get the following under copyright:

[ Generated in 0.388 seconds, 10 queries executed ]

Hi all

The error (as seen below) is encountered when going the the index (page) of the forum. Every other page (user list, search, login, etc) are accessible even individual posts on the forum. Can anyone tell me How I can resolve this?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks Steve!

Hi all

I want to add text "Themed by..." alongside Powered by Punbb, and just above the copyright. Would be grateful if anyone can tell me how I can achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

Noticed there is a mod out there to add extra lines to the footer, but I don't want to bother with a mod.


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nice; looks really promising.

How about a lighter green for the backround (instead of the current darker one)

Hi all

I've read a couple of posts about punbb++, it takes me a long time to install and configure extra features, so this would save me a lot of time.

Thanks Mark, I have managed to do it. Now just making some minor adjustments so it looks just right. Cheers!!!

OK I'm at it right now. Could you please tell me how I can add GRADIENTS into the style. Thanks

Can you tell me how to start?
Sorry I'm a noob.


Could you guys help me customise my punbb so it looks like this (exactly) vBulletin forum (skin),


Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Cool, it worked; Thanks!!!

OK, so I guess the only way to resolve this is to ditch the one above?

Any idea of how I can do this? sorry I'm a noob.

Hi everyone,

After waiting and waiting for punBB version 1.3 to be released I have given up and installed v 1.2.14.

I have integrated punBB into one of my pages, in WP, by following THESE simple instructions. Everything seems to be OK apart from the search page which looks out of place, you can see it HERE. Can anyone tell me how I resolve this?

Thanks in advance.