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At that level you can, but say I wanted to have the user post information (from, registered and posts) in another order you couldn't.

And also, you can't uze css to replace 'Home | User list ...' with 'Home : User list ...'.


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Thats all ok, excluding the css part.

CSS can style things, but it can't put things together. Its only capable of so much. You don't see designers using the same code over and over to get differant looking websites do you? No.


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I do save the templates to disk, but instead of including them each time they are needed I load them on their first request and then eval them. And yes eval is faster than including because include reads the file AND evals it.

My board is not slow at all mind you, it gets an average of a 0.025 loadtime. And yes, preg_replaces are slow, but as they are only called once when the template is compiled it doesn't matter.

EDIT: I will also be looking at a way to cut the number of preg_replaces down wink


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I think your right Paul. Rickard, thats not true, my template engine is only 20 lines long, its also fast and even supports if statements.


Look for 'protected function tpl_parse($template, $debug = false) {'.


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Rickard wrote:
0zone wrote:

Oh well sad

If PunBB had a template system, attachments, private messaging, polls etc. it wouldn't be any different or any better than all the other BB's out there. It's scaled down for a purpose you know.

But I'm only asking that a basic template system be made so that I don't have to go through the source files and replace all the code that way.


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Oh well sad


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There is no tremplates folder... hmm


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How about it? You could keep the simple system, and the speed and still have templates. Please?

Not having templates limits this boards usage, I for one would need to completely change the design to work with my website...