falconflyz wrote:
minis wrote:

is it possible to move several posts at the same time?

fpouget wrote:

Yes and no ...
Yes because you can move all the posts from the topic in one move.
No because you can not select between the differents posts the ones you want to move and the ones not. In this case you need to do as much "move" as post you need to move.

Hope this will be helpfull !

Hi fpouget
Thanks for this great mod.
Just a suggestion for a future revision:
Instead of putting the command "| Move |" in each post, could not you use the native method of "Move topic" and put it in the menu in bottom on the left close to:

Delete multiple posts
Move topic
Close topic
Stick topic

What would perhaps then make it possible to be able to select several posts to be moved into only once.


fpouget wrote:

Thanks ! Is probably something to do but so far I don't have the time to focus on. May be for the next release with the new PunBB 1.3. If ever someone want to do it please do it wink

Ahmed wrote:
fpouget wrote:

"Compete manager of posts"

What is it ?

If I understand well you want to select few posts and move all the selected post in one operation. Is planned this for onr of nexts versions but I'm not really good to work with the array, so in anyone is interested to help or better wink to do it, he is very welcome smile

But it doesnt work for me. And I guess it is older than MovePost and not updated. I used movepost to move some 200-300 posts... Lot of mikromanagment...

Yes it is possible to move different posts in one operation with "Compete manager of posts" and it is nice. But This mod doesn't update datebase for last topics, posters...
As Punbb 1.3  is very slow to arrive it will be nice to also envisage this possibility on the MOD "Move Post"

I would like to know which modification to perform on profile.php so that the members cannot ‘upload’ or change themselves their signatures (text and links), but so that it is an admin which makes it on request after having accepted. A bit as what elbekko gave as solution on topic Upload of avatars only by admin.
Thanks a lot.


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Thank you for your help. I am going to do that. smile


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I do not see where to put the code
Near  #799  // Validate signature


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Is it possible to do the same for signature? Thanks

It is however simple. Bots are useful but very curious.  I do not wish that Google keeps in its cache the data of userlist, profiles of members and contents of posts. By allocating the bots to a special group they could categorize only the url and names of forums and titles of posts without having access to contents. The guests who visit Google or others seach engines and follow they pages have them full access to the forum but nothing is to keep in cache.

It is not possible with robots.txt who allows or not the access to files or directories. With a group it is possible to modulate permissions to see or not different posts and forums.

How it would be possible to do so that the bots foot are automatically assimilated with a determined group. While leaving all forums opened to the normal guests I would like to restrict the rights of access of Googlebot, Msnbot and all others bots in certain forums. My idea was to create a group with restrained rights and to be able to link it the bots a bit as principle of  " How to make year undercover Admin ".
I searched in the forum and Iask me if it would not be possible to use the botdetect.php of " BotDetect Mod Release v1.5 " ?
Thanks a lot.


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Works fine! Thx a lot.


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Thank you for your quick answer. I am going to try. smile


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I looked at the posts of the 10 research pages on avatars without finding answer to this : I would like which modification it is necessary to make in profile.php to prevent the users from uploader avatars themselves them. My idea is that the admin uploads itself avatars directly by FTP after having accepted them.
Thanks a lot.