Do you have any idea's as of yet?

Would any one be interested in helping me develop a e-commerce system based on PunBB.

the idea of a lightweight, fast and flexiable system like punbb being developed into a shopping cart would work well.

The intention is to develop it so it can be installed by anyone, and not just for our use, and will be a heavily modified version.

Anyone interested?


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If anyone would like any paid work done for their forum, Please Email me, Utchin(AT) And Ill get back to you.


EDIT: I have un-stuck the topic by the way.

check out:

I am not used to your set up so it would be best if you asked your service provider on how to fix this. It might take awhile to take action.

you will need to go on your webserver and set up a sub domain called forums. This would created a folder called "forums" in your root folder, you then put your files and content in there.

Its easier to change your base_url BEFORE you move across

You want to look at viewforum.php and add a few of the DB returns.

Have a look at the userlist.php table which is generated from the DB.


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You can always use the RSS feature that 1.3 has.

toarcerau wrote:

I have a smilar thing going on. If there is no submit button in the form then everything works ok. But when after the textarea comes a submit button, the button appears outside the editor and has also disappeared from the HTML-editor window. I tried almost everything I could find here in the forums, the faq and everywhere else. Please help...

Please create your own topic for a new problem.

Developer wrote:

TextArea is small i don't now why look screen:

Can you help me find the error?


If what Kovalski has said is correct, then we would need to look at the site (mainly the HTML/CSS/JS) which is on the page.

More to the point, Where is the whole website tongue


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This can be done simply when the website you are creating the account on has access to the database that PunBB uses. You would need to connect to the database and then recreate a insert code that is in functions as add_user

The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

Change the Authentication Mode of the SQL server from "Windows Authentication Mode (Windows Authentication)"
to "Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication)".

try disable any internet security software. Some block image hosts.

Looks fine to me.


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Knew it was around here somewhere. Just had to use the search page:


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There was always talk that this would be developed for 1.3 however no one has. I dont belive it has been done before either?

We will look into it.


SuperMAG wrote:

ok thanks i will check it out

Question:  Surly you would know that, you have used PunBB for ages?

esupergood wrote:

How can it be turned off? Got a link?
I think I tried to turn it off once but I still get the message VERY regularly

Jason, the good news is that the token message is a bug that mostly affects admin accounts. I don't think your standard members will be seeing the security token message as often as you.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as security is in place to stop spambots registering then I'd rather not have the security token feature. … -the-time/


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Slavok wrote:

To disable debug mode you should to comment this line of "<FORUM_ROOT>/include/essentials.php":

define('FORUM_DEBUG', 1);

Why is debug still turned on in core?

An error was encountered

Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the forum administrator with the following error message reported by the SMTP server: "535 Incorrect authentication data "

The error occurred on line 124 in /home/fsmod/public_html/fsforums/include/email.php

When trying to sign up.  Never got the email.

On the test site, What version are you using?


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What do you mean your database backups wont work. Enable debug mode and paste the error message, Is all the details correct?

The nearest one you will get is:
User Management. Created by Connorhd. The User Management plugin can be used to prune user accounts based on the age of the account and the number of posts made by the users. Additionally, the plugin can also be used to add new users. Updated 2005-03-01.

If you only edited the styles then yes.