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dimkalinux wrote:

rajuru, try this version http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1630654/punbb/1 … 1.5.tar.gz

I fix bug with url.

hi, it is working greatly. thanks a lot.


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dimkalinux wrote:

rajuru, try this version http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1630654/punbb/1 … 1.5.tar.gz

I fix bug with url.

great thanks. i am going to test it very soon.


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dimkalinux wrote:

Try with Default url scheme.

but i am using File Based urls for my forum! it works with default one. i can't change site's URL structure


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pagination does not work with this nice extension. if i want to visit the other than first pages of the favorite topic list, i get the following error:

Page Not found (Error 404): The requested page search-favorite2350-p2.html could not be found.

any solution?


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dimkalinux wrote:


thanks smile

through github i will be able to report issues faster smile


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dimkalinux wrote:

rijuru, thanks for report.
We use https://github.com/punbb/punbb/issues/milestones as bug tracker.

Ops, I noticed it earlier but forgot it. From now on I will report there.



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I don't know how can I report it on trac, so I am reporting it here:

profile.php #2317 has a wrong closing tag.

<h2 class="warn hn"><?php echo $lang_profile['Profile update errors'] ?></h3>

which should be:

<h2 class="warn hn"><?php echo $lang_profile['Profile update errors'] ?></h2>


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what happens when?

1. day 1 - email activation/verification is required
2. day 15 - i wanted to disable email activation/verification. (you may think why? bcoz many people are not getting mail correctly for a number of reasons including not reaching to inbox).
3. day 30 - i am pruning all unverified members.

now as the members who registered from day 15 to day 30 were not required to activate/verified, and I guess corresponding database table is not updated (marking them) 'verified' or something like that) automatically, will they be deleted  when I prune at day 30?


dimkalinux wrote:

Fixed in [1693]

great job smile

hcs wrote:

Thanks, we added ticket: #378

Great! thanks smile


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I think, you can edit /include/template/main.tpl. it is simple html file. just add your banner code where you want keeping other stuffs ok.

filename: functions.php
function: paginate()
Line: 580 & 589

forum_number_format() is not called for showing pagination (1). Page number 1 is hard coded. So I can't translate it using the hook of forum_number_format().

what friends will do ? I mean what is the benefit if I add you as friend? what can we do?

moderators can also see warnings.

kiejr wrote:

Moderators can warn people, yet are unable to see the warnings on other people's profiles?
Could this be fixed if possible, and disabling ban for them too?


Hi, I think I am not clear your points! Can you kindly explain?

Are you talking that moderators want to see current warnings? If so, I believe you did not read the blog in full.  There I have explained how moderators can see current warnings.

In addition to that, you can also see user's warning from his profile page.

hi all,
here it is:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … n-warning/

Hello all,
I am sorry for the delay but here is the release of my Pun Warning extension.

I have already described everything on my blog. I hope you can kindly read it there.
http://hungrycoder.xenexbd.com/scripts/ … punbb.html

However, if you are not interested to read and want to go for straight download, here it is:
http://hungrycoder.xenexbd.com/uploads/ … arning.zip

Just note that you will need this extension before you install it:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … se-jquery/

please flood me with feedback and bug reports :-) here or on my blog (faster response wink)

Thanks all

I've already developed such an extension. I hope I will release it very soon. Keep me poking tongue

Nice to know that you fixed it. But there are (or were) two jQuery ext. for sure.

actually I don't have the extension at my disposal right now. so can't say exactly. so far I remember there are two plugins:
jquery and jquery_y (by Yonash). check which one you have. install the another.


Tsukikun wrote:

I have punpm and jquery installed and when i try to install
the extention, it keeps giving me this message:
"This extension cannot be installed unless "jquery" is installed and enabled"

and "jquery" is installed and enabled....

So far I remember, there are two plugins of jQuery for PunBB. It checks for specif one!


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achtungbaby wrote:

this extension does not work...

Yes, it won't work anymore as twitter dropped that API and now mandatory to use oAuth!

easiest alternative of it:
1. add the Forum's RSS Feed to FeedBurner
2. Link you FeedBurner to your twitter account

that's it! FeedBurner will post from now on!


seems it is going to be a great extension

however, I got few issues:

  • Can you kindly make RTL and LTR configurable? Because, if we edit manifest.xml, it will loose the portability from future releases of your extension!
    if all the tinymce functions can't be implemented, then why to use it? isn't it better to use some other lightweight wysiwyg editor?

i think this is an extension that may need community attention! so after some progress, if you release it and maintain actively, we will also be able to contribute!


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Huuuze wrote:

bump x 3

Huuze, isn't it very strange that no one is replying! can't we expect at least a reply whether the requested feature is going to be considered or not! Any answer is helpful! bcoz if they say 'no', then I will do it using jQuery from external extension rather than modifying poll extension!

please answer!



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KeyDog wrote:


There's interest for an added option to this extension in the french community;

- users should be able to edit messages but NOT edit the title of message anymore (optional)

Is this something you could add?


thanks for reply! i see i have missed a few other replies too!

about your question, yes I think I could add! but i am under extreme workload! don't know when I can manage time update it sad!

sorry for that! but i will if I can do!