i am running 1.2.17 with a handful of minor mods.

i don't know how many total posts/topics i had last time i did this, but i have considerably more now, as membership ranks have been growing.

so i pruned some old messages this morning (probably about 5k), and decided to rebuild the search index. i just use the defaults in the fields, as the documentation seems to suggest i should. so either something is badly wrong, or it takes exponentially longer to re-build the more posts/topics you have (sorry if i am stating the glaringly obvious, but i don't think it has ever taken longer than 15 minutes). mine has been rebuilding for more than 6 hours now. it doesn't appear to be hung, i'm running mytop(1) on the database host, and i can see that mysql is busy. nor is the web page is hung; the counters seem to be incrementing properly.

so am i assuming it's not a good idea to interrupt this process?

soyuz wrote:


i have some questions:
1. how  do i know what version of Easy Poll did I use? it sounds silly, but i forgot what version i did install tongue
thanks a lot.

i would check the comment i put in the comment field when i checked it into CVS smile

i wanted to test moving my forums to the 1.3-Beta so i have some experience before 1.3 is officially released. here's a description of my setup and what i did.

host: OpenBSD/i386 running 4.0-current. PHP 4.4.1, MySQL 5.0.24a-log, chrooted apache+mod_security. i am using a mod_security setup that someone here recommended a while ago.

i fetched Revision 1552: /branches/punbb-1.3-dev to try out.

o setup 1.3-dev as if it were brand-new. tested, and it looked OK
o made sure my production forums were quiescent and ran `mysqldump -u db_user -p --databases database_name > foo.sql`
o edited foo.sql and changed the name of the database to `migrationtest`
o ran mysql -u db_admin -p < foo.sql
o copied db_update.php into the punbb $HOME, and fixed up permissions
o ran db_update.php through a web-browser
o waited a while
o when finished, i removed db_update.php and pointed my browser at the new test forum

might have missed a few steps, but this is a basic idea.

everything looks great! thanks for all the hard work. i will be looking at the new features and providing any feedback i can.

transition went flawlessly, although i haven't moved any of my extensions over yet. i will be looking at the compatibility thereof later on.



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MattF wrote:
sirena wrote:

That was my first thought too. What a hassle.

Did you see the one that reported that they handle '10k emails daily' ? Yeesh. Who wants to deal with that?

That is a small scale e-mail throughput, by some peoples standards. big_smile If one has a *nix OS on the server, the likes of Postfix or Exim wouldn't even be sweating with that throughput on even modest hardware. big_smile

indeed. i know folks who run mail servers that are scaled to handle like a million e-mails per day.


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nice layout. i play guitar, so i might be dropping in.


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ADesigner wrote:

Hi, i had trying to do follow things, but without success:

1- hide the users ip address from the posts (and manage other informations)
2- post a sticky
3- post a no replicable topic

Please, somebody help me!


1. i think ip addresses are only visible to administrators
2. you can make a topic sticky by clicking the `Stick topic' link in the lower left hand corner of the post
3. i don't know what a `no replicable topic' is


GeoffG wrote:

how would I go about deleting from the database? sad

what database are you using? your best bet is to use the documentation to learn how to do it. in MySQL, i might use something like DELETE from chatbox_msg where id = ##; but this of course depends on if i'm using command line or a GUI manglement tool.

but you should definitely be very familiar with your database before messing around with it.

GeoffG wrote:

I would really like to know how to edit/delete posts in the chatbox... because alot of people are posting inappropriate things there ... and some sort of moderation for the chatbox would be great ....

any help??

i'm still somewhat new to all of this, so i could be off. i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm totally wrong... but i don't think you can do what you describe. you might be able to modify some of the php to do it, assuming you want to dig into that much.

the chatbox mods just stuff chat entries into a database, and show some configurable number of messages in the window. so as i mentioned before... you can delete the entries from the actual database, but making sure the browsers can be refreshed to show the reduced amount of messages is another matter.

if people are abusing your chatbox, then maybe keep chats disabled unless you are hosting an official chat. i'm thinking of doing the same thing on my ChatBox---not because people are abusing it, but because conversations are disjointed if left open all the time...


the chatbox mod i use *should* work with any database that works with PunBB (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLlite)---it just creates another table.

GeoffG wrote:

1) Is there a way to delete/edit the posts in your chat box??

well, you can edit the chatbox_msg table in your database to prune the entries. refreshing the browsers, though, is another matter. or am i not understanding the question?

Smartys wrote:

There is a box in 1.3 wink

oh, gawd. duh. thanks, and sorry for being dense smile

Smartys wrote:
elbekko wrote:

I thought Daylight Saving was already implemented. Or maybe that's in 1.3.

In 1.3 there is a box for users to check. If the box is checked, time is moved an hour ahead. If not, it's just the normal timezone offset.

forgive me for being dense, but can someone point out where the DST checkbox is? i've looked in the profile area, and all around, and i can't find it. i've also grepped through the code, but turned up nil.

my box is set to GMT as is `Server timezone' in the Options area of the Administration panel. but for users who live an an area with DST, apparently, their posts appear an hour off. this appears to have been beaten to death here, but i can't seem to figure this out. if i could find that damn DST checkbox...

sorry again for being dense, but a whack with a cluestick right now would be helpful.

oh, and i just upgraded to 1.2.15 if it makes any difference...


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just getting some forums running to support the Talking Metal Podcast:


all pretty basic, no real local mods (yet),  but have already dug into the code, and have plenty of ideas...

platform: OBAMP (OpenBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP4).


deadram wrote:

Anywho, the mount -bind option is what you want, and that fstabs example shows the fstab syntax smile

ah, yes, the bind mount. didn't even think of that. sometimes can't see the forest for the trees, or whatever that stupid saying is.

fortunately, i have some time to test things before i decide what to do, so i will investigate that, thanks!

so this is probably more of a sysadmin-type question than a PunBB question, so don't feel bad telling me to  go pound sand if this is inappropriate for here.

environment: OpenBSD 4.0/apache (default chrooted)/php4/mysql 5.0.22/latest punbb. everything works absolutely beautifully---thanks writing some great software!

i'm thinking about moving my /var/www directory to it's own slice of the disk. mysql is only listening on the loopback, and i use a socket for mysql, and hard link /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock to /var/www/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock so it'll be in the chroot.

so as it is now, /var/run and /var/www are on the same slice, and hard links are OK, but if i decide to move to a separate /var/www, hard links are no longer allowed across filesystems like that.

considering i don't use mysql for anything by punbb now (that *might* change in the future), is it sane for me to change the location of the socket in /etc/my.cnf to /var/www/run/mysql/mysql.sock ? that way i don't have to worry about links.

is there an easier solution i'm simply over looking?