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if the devs are forking to fluxbb it seems the smart choice is go with them.  i'll be moving my site and mods over as time allows.  good luck on this new venture.


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thanks smartys!


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hi all.  i'm doing a rewrite of a mod and was wondering about best practices for validating a file upload.  such as

$uploaddir = '/var/www/uploads/';
$uploadfile = $uploaddir . basename($_FILES['userfile']['name']);

echo '<pre>';
if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'], $uploadfile)) {
    echo "File is valid, and was successfully uploaded.\n";
} else {
    echo "Possible file upload attack!\n";

in the back of my head i here 'sanitize all user input'.  is there anything i should do to name in $_FILES['userfile']['name'] as the user is the one setting this variable?

thanks for any tips.

i ran an open board for a little while and started getting spammed.  viagra everywhere.  smile  i just whipped up a custom script to ask a question prior to registration.  stopped spam dead.  i really think that variation is useful in anti-spam methods.  do you know any php or have a friend who does?  roll your own!


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good ideas.  thanks!

hi all.

i have a punbb forum that i would like to periodically convert to static html so i can put it on freenet.  i'm about to start writing a module to do this for me but at the moment i'm wondering about the best way to tackle it.  any tips welcome.



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very good website TuxPirate !

1.  upgrade to 1.2.16 asap.


Dr.Jeckyl wrote:

You can say that again. ;)

@eric: I installed the user agent switcher for ff, but there isn't an option to be a googlebot. Any ideas.

i think he used konqueror

i've never done it myself.  too lazy.

it seems if you want to post content to a site bugmenot is most suited for spammers and cowardly posters.

if you want to merely read a sites content that requires registration then bugmenot could be quite useful.  having to register just to read some article can be a pain in the ass.

as a side note, a friend of mine has mentioned that he just changes the user agent for his browser to googlebot and is able to read most content without registering.

from your screenshots this mod looks very cool.  good job man!

theres a mod or two for that if you want flash video.
http://www.punres.org/browse.php?keywor … p;forums=1

you can always just put a link to the video.  smile

p.s. - use a better subject next time.  'help me' isn't useful.  'posting video in forum' or something is better.

good luck.

i'll be converting my three with feature updates.  linksplus, punrss, & puntracker.

zeeshan wrote:

hi iam new user to punbb i dont know where should i go to web host i want to web host my rpg so can any one tell how and where i should web host than q

i'm not sure what you're saying but if you are looking for a host https://dreamhost.com/hosting.html has pretty good prices but i've never used them.  i've used yahoo but they suck.  have you seen smarty's site?  http://www.punbb-hosting.com/

you could always make your own server.  :-)


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resources?  do you mean a mod or style?  http://www.punres.org/

hi all.  i've been fiddling with some code and i'm not sure if it's working like i want.  if there's a torrent user out around here do me a favor and tell me if any of the links labeled *[DHT]* work at http://newmag.org/forum/puntracker.php  you don't have to download the whole file.  just tell me if you are able to receive any bits.  many thanks!


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Rickard wrote:

Sorry for the mess up.

please!  thanks to you and the team for being on top of things.

hi.  first off there's plenty of managed hosts who provide mysql / php support.  the os will pretty much be invisible to you.  it sounds like you've purchased more than you need.  but that's okay.  you will have more neat stuff to play with.  :)  i've never used ms iis but i'm sure the general ideas are the same.  so when you try to install, punbb complains there's no db?  well are you mysql running?  on linux at terminal you could do something like,

[eric@firedragon ~]$ yum list mysql
Installed Packages
mysql.x86_64                             5.0.45-4.fc8           installed

so then i know it's installed.  now i would go about configuration.  then make sure i have php and apache and config that as well.  then drop punbb in the proper directory and see what happens.

fiddle around, read some manuals and give us more details.  i'm sure there's some ms guys around here willing to lend a hand.

good luck man!

// by the time i typed this two people already responded :p

i was looking at the vbulletin features http://www.vbulletin.com/features.php and it seems pretty cool.  i personally was attracted to punbb for different reasons.  it's lightweight, well written and (most importantly) free.  and i don't mean free to download i mean really free.  here's some more information if you're interested.  http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/philosophy.html  i personally can make any feature i desire for punbb.  i also like the 'small' community.  you get to know the people involved and develop confidence (or not) in their ability.  from my experience with other software projects i think we're very lucky to have the devs on this project.  they seem to work and communicate well.

also, i would like to say that your original posting is antagonistic and without qualification is useless.  why would you stop using punbb?

quaker wrote:

very sweet site...


agreed.  great job man.


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just a bump.

look over here.

for $19.95 i will gladly be your friend.


mmmnnn...  beer.


find a file called my.cnf

in that file find a variable called basedir

change the path to /opt/lampp/var/mysql

if this doesn't work i suggest you start over from scratch.  start a new thread.  tell me what distro you're using and i'll walk you though it.  if you're ever in boston you will have to buy me a beer!

ok.  now what does it say in your my.cnf file?

""" PunBB reported: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) """

does /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock not exist?  it seems the error is in the configuration.  mysql should be looking in /opt/lampp/var/mysql.

fix your basedir in the my.cnf file.

i think...  (^.^)