My problem is such:

I have a forum in which women wants "subforum". But problem is such that I as administrator can not lower my permisions and I see that forum, its topics. Well, I am ofcourse intriguited, but I need to modificify my forum in the way, that I do not see that forum and its topics, posts.
As it seems that admin permisions can not be lowered, there is one more way:

Is it possible that I create one more forum.
Now I have "". I would create "". And in my index.php page would be integrated that other forum, but I would not see (as others execpt women members), and that other forum admin would be different person?

Something like this or otherway sollution?

Any thoughts?

How to make seen categories even if forums are not seen?

In my forum is subforum only for women. Guests can not see it. This women subforum is alone under one category which name ~~~ is "Women only forums".

But guests or even members who are not women can not see this category.

But I want that they know that such forum exist, so female guests would be motivated to register.

So I want that dispite that guests (and other ordinary memebers) can not see forum, they could see category in which is this forum.

Seems worked. I earler (half year ago) tried this export, but action freezed. Now worked. Got file 22 mb. Seems inside is posts.


Smartys wrote:

Then downloading the forums folder simply downloads the code for PunBB, not the database data.

I found with google lost post, so could renew it.

So I ask advice for future: how to do backup?

Smartys wrote:

What database system are you using? You need to tell me that first.

Did You mean:
phpMyAdmin - 2.11.0-rc1
MySQL client version: 4.1.13

Smartys wrote:

That doesn't answer my question. Copying the forum folder doesn't back up the database, unless you are using an SQLite database stored within the folder.

I do not understand. I even do not understand where should I use SQLite...

How is done back-up? Could it be done just by copieng something?

Smartys wrote:

A backup of your actual database from FTP? Are you using SQLite or something?

I just through ftp went into my forum folder and copied ir to hard disc.

Anybody? Shouldnt be complicated?

I deleted old post. I need it back. This post is in my back-ups? My back-ups are just copy from through ftp. How do I find, and where should I look?


Earler I noticed some modifications which allowed to change single topic color.
Now I cant find it. That french mod I cant understand.

Also: I want that I could write longer topic name.

Sorry for inglizi.

In admin options is written:

"Redirect time 
Number of seconds to wait when redirecting. If set to 0, no redirect page will be displayed (not recommended). "

yemgi wrote:

it is not possible as standardand even if you modify the files to disable acceess to the admin group, you will still be able to have access to the posts via the database using phpMyAdmin

It is not problem, that it is possible to read those posts in database. I will not go specialy and seek the way how to read that way.
It is enough if on forum index.php I do not see that forum. What is need to be modified that will restrict admin from seeing that category (or forum)?

FSX wrote:

The function I posted was for the cms I'm building. I haven't have settings for the time so the function outputs GMT time.

You should not replace the orginal time function of punbb with my function, it isn't made for punbb. I just tought you could use the code ^^.

I replaced. Can You show me what I was need to be left?


bingiman wrote:

why would it not show AM or PM as well?

Well, I beter like 21:51 than 10:51PM.

But there is some problem. Clock ir 2 hours less. Clock is London, but forum is in Latvia, +2h.
So just posted - 21:20, but should be 23:20. Is it some code problem, or my hostingserver changed something?

Huge thanks, btw. This problem was in my forum for several months.

- Today at 10:16
- Yesterday at 9:06
- 4 Days ago at 10:16
- 1 week and 2 days ago at 10:16
It works. Only when now I see it, I guess it would be littlebit better if it would be more "simplified" appereance:

- Today at 10:16
- Yesterday at 9:06
- 4 Days ago
- 9 Days ago
- 26 - 12 - 2007

This simplisness would help more easy to catch post dates.

It shouldnt be difficult...

Original is:
Today 01:05:06 by Smartys
Yesterday 23:35:54 by AdsBB
2008-01-06 21:20:02 by sypie

My incomplete modification have:
Today, 22 mins ago - by ahmeds
Yesterday, 47 hours ago - by ahmeds
3 days ago - by Maimuna
12-11-07 - by ahmeds

So almost everything is correct except trigers for "today" and "yesterday" ir my forum modification. It is counting any 24 and 48 hours, but should be on the same trigers as on original (counting depends on 00:01 am).

pogenwurst wrote:

Add the following to base.css:

.tclcon p {display: none; visibility: hidden}

Where in base.css  ???


Ok. Added at end - worked.
Thanks. Problem solved.

Not excactly hiding, just not showing it at one place.

My forum is:

Few days ago I added one moderator so at index page there is written under every forum who is moderator. This makes unnecesery place and so not all forums fit in monitor. So when I want to check whats new (Refresh) I need to scroll.
Hope people understood what I mean.

I just want to "delete" this "(Moderated by Maimuna)" under every forum. So that design would be more compact.

Literat?ras tulko?ana, ieteik?ana un veido?ana
(Moderated by Maimuna)
Da??di Latvijas kopienas jaut?jumi
(Moderated by Maimuna)
Svar?ga inform?cija, pazi?ojumi un sludin?jumi
(Moderated by Maimuna)


Have anybody idea how to make that date display wiould work in 3 ways:
1) counting real time ar watching is it realy today or yesterday
2) after that hours, days
3) and after some 14 days switching to ddmmyy.

Now problem is that, that every last 24 hours is counted as today, even if post was posted yesterday 5 hours ago.
The same problem with yesterday, which is every 24-48 hours ago.

downliner wrote:
Ahmed wrote:

Wanted to ask:
I want to sent a letter, but I do not want to sent it to banned (or temporaly banned) users.

How can I send to everyone except few (whose emails I would take out from list)?

Change the registered email address of all your banned members to something fictional tongue That's what I've been doing.

Whenever I ban someone I change there email to, etc, I also change there password so they cant request a new one if the Ban Process ever fails me smile

I did it this way.

Tjalve wrote:

elseif($hours > 23)
elseif($days == 1)

Why did noone worked?

I do not understood, - what is changes? I see nothing changed... The same problem that any last 24 hours is today...

The problem is that now mod counts last 24 hours as "today", but "24-48 hours ago" as yesterday. But this is not correct. Becouse if I post at, then 9 hours ago is not "today", but yesterday. (Yesterday at

Any solutions?




This looked like original and is (with minor differences (d-m-y))... And there is no "today" and "yesterday" at all...