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I use Texturizer. Not free though.

I use Scite at school or whenever i need a text editor while i'm not at home.


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Firefox on Windows and Linux

Camino for OSX

The problem lies with the default installation of the PHP installer for windows systems.

It installs PHP as a CGI module, leaving most options at the default setting, thats why some people get CGI errors.

I have manually installed php as an ISAPI filter.

I'll try testing punbb with php configured as a CGI module sometime this week. My guess is that it'll work perfectly when i do the installation manually.


Just installed php 4.3.9 using the installer, standard installation. PunBB worked just fine, no cgi errors at all. Tested on VMware/Windows server 2003/IIS6, mysql database at my debian testserver.

My guess is that some users forgot to give proper permissions to "IUSR_MachineName"

I've had it running perfectly on Windows Server 2003, IIS 6, PHP 4.3.8 and mysql.

I installed php manually instead of using the installer, maybe theres a difference?


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I am using MagpieRSS, it's a php rss parser.


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When i disable the Users online function at the options page i get this error on the index:

Undefined variable: num_users in /var/www/punbb/index.php on line 179


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I think he meant translation.

Xiutecutli is a user on this forum smile


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Some registrars offer dns services to go with your domain. (I think enom.com does that, not sure)

I've been using 7-zip for some time now. I really like the compression it has on documents etc.

I've done some testing on 2.82 MB (2.958.359 bytes) of data made using Eagle Layout Editor

Some filesizes:

552.380 bytes - WinRAR 3.30, max compression.
72.740 bytes - WinRAR 3.30, solid archive, max compression.
433.253 bytes - 7-Zip, max compression.
53.868 bytes - 7-zip, solid archive, max compression.

While these are some nice numbers, i don't think you should quit using your current archiver because of the huge hd's you can buy these days.

If you're going to use it for file distribution on the internet, this'll probably be the way to go. Consider using sfx archives. I've packed the same data using 7-zip (solid archive, max compression and sfx archive), the filesize of the sfx archive: 130.156 bytes.

Here's another review

I've read it a while ago.


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Try this one:

Options All -Indexes

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?domain.com(/)?.*$     [NC]
RewriteRule .*\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|bmp|png)$ http://www.google.com [R,NC]

Change the line containing domain.com to your domain name

Edit: Change the last line containing google.com to http://www.yourdomain.com/hotlink-warning.gif. This way you can replace the hotlinked image to another (nasty?) one.


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They fixed the search bar in Smoke for 0.10 smile (I'm on a recent nightly build though.)


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If you're new to linux you'd be better off using Fedora (red hat), Mandrake or Suse. Those distro's give you a simple installation gui to choose what you'd like to install.

I can only give you one simple advice about linux: read a lot, like manpages, howto's, etc.


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Well, it's just a quick hack or whatever you could call it.

I'm certainly no chrome expert, i just opened the jar file and noticed an install.rdf file tongue


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hcgtv wrote:

I went back to 0.9.3 until smoke gets released, can't use the default theme myself.

Just download the .jar file, open it using winrar, extract and open the install.rdf file.

Find this line:


And change it to this one:


Just drop the index.rdf file into the .jar file using winrar and you've got yourself a 0.10 compliant Smoke theme.


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How about using the GTray 3 beta version

First add one account, after clicking OK go to the settings screen, check out the accounts tab smile


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I beleive there is a setting for that at the admin/options page. (dont shoot me if im wrong)


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lifa wrote:

... what brawser do you use guys? ...

Firefox smile


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Its probably your browser, clear your cache and try again smile

Check your settings if it doesn't work after clearing, IE had some setting for animated images (dont know for sure, i havent used IE since 2 years ago)


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Just a suggestion on the css:
Is it possible to align the signatures at the bottom of the posts when there isn't enough text in them to push the sig down?

Looks a bit better that way imo.


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I got about 15 invites (all gone) in about one week.

I dont really think google worries too much about people using more than one or two invites for themselves, who'd need more than one or two accounts anyway.
Since its quite a hassle keeping up with that much accounts i wouldn't even try it.

Just another question though:
Has anyone of you gotten any spam on your gmail accounts? If so, did it get filtered?

I havent gotten any since april/may, so i wouldn't know about spam and such.


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Just patch the uxtheme.dll file and use some mac theme smile

Just wondering... what is this topic doing in the bug reports section?


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I havent gotten any invites for about 5-6 weeks.

Did one of you get invites since last month?

*cough* Arch *cough* Pacman *cough* big_smile


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I like Mambo.

I think they've got a Dreamweaver extension for making templates.

Before i've used Geeklog.

This one has a geeklog dir outside of public_html for config files, feed classes, etc. Quite secure.

I think you should check Mambo for now, they got a reward recently.