Topic: omg!! ban problem.

I am the admin of a forum and I wanted to test out how it looks when someone is banned so I created a test user, banned him, logged in as him and now I can't logout or do anything. I'm banned from my own forum!

I feel like a complete idiot. Lol! smile

Any help?

Re: omg!! ban problem.

Clear your cookies.


Re: omg!! ban problem.

Yeah, I remember that one and it works but i'm still mad at myself since now I have to relogin at all the sites i'm registered. Grrr...okay, thanks!

Re: omg!! ban problem.

If you use firefox you can view cookies and only delete the appropriate one, instead of clearing the lot.

Re: omg!! ban problem.

Pretty much any browser has that feature actually. You just need to select the one you want to delete.