Topic: punbb and movabletype

yes I know there are plugings for wordpress and nucleus to be integrated with punbb, but after working with all of them, I prefer to continue with MT. The only thing I need in this stage, is to be able to send the details of punbb users to a database in which MT is installed.Let me explain this:

I'have two databases: one for punbb and one for MT. I need a plugin or a function or whatever you may call it, to take these fields: id, username,password,email,nikname and url from users table in punbb database and send them ( after that new user signs up and activate his/her account via confirmation email) to mt_author table in MT installation.

MT author table                    Punbb user table
author_id                                     id
author_name                               username
author_password                         password
author_email                              email
author_url                                  url
author_nikcname                        realname

Every user in punbb will be a author in MT. Since I've no knowledge of php,I hesitate to write what is in my mind: adding a function to register.php in punbb so that when a user is registered, this function takes these details and visa a form sends to MT database. is it possible?