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Topic: Check this out

Hello everyone. Lol this is my first post and my first time using Punbb and already im into skinning smile. Anyways, here is my punbb clan site. Its using The Frontpage mod, with Vbulletin Red Mixed and modded with sibirsky_org. The url is www.pbg-elite.net. How does it look lol can you give me some comments? I really want some comments on the skin and any suggestions to improve it. Any codes you can give me to make the skin look better would be well appreciated smile.

Incase you missed the url its: www.pbg-elite.net. Also if you play battlefield 2 can you join up with us lolz?

Question: How do i make it so that the links are not underlined? Lol i know this is probably a simple code.


Re: Check this out

The css to remove underline from links is:

#classname a {
text-decoration: none;

or if you really don't want the underline showing up at all:

#classname a, a:hover, a:link, a:visited {
text-decoration: none;

(Of course, replace classname with the class you want to change.)  By looking at the code above you should see how you can configure the states for your links.  Good luck and have fun with CSS and punbb!  Hope that helps.


Re: Check this out

It looks so good smile
goos customization!

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