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Topic: What text editor do you use?

Just curious. I've used Notepad forever, but I really think it's time for a change haha. I like colors. smile like in [code] tags. I'd use any text editor with colors haha. It would make things much easier.

I don't want many "autofill features" or whatever, just want colors haha. And it can't be slow. I've tried a few before and they were slow.

Re: What text editor do you use?

Hmm well I found a bunch and I think PSPad sounds nice, but anyway.. what do you use?

Re: What text editor do you use?

You should check out this topic.

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Re: What text editor do you use?

It doesn't have colours (at least not the old version I use) but I've always liked TextPad. It has a search feature that can look through a folder of text files without opening them. I use that for searching through my video catalogue. Just double click on a line in the search results to open that file for editing or viewing. Plus a vertical block select which is great for copying and moving columns in a database. It can also sort lines on a selected column and has excellent search and replace including regular expressions. I use it a lot for HTML alongside Dreamweaver.