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Topic: Delete Topic Bug!

Well sometimes when i go to delete the first post in a topic it gives me the message asking if i want to follow through and that once i delete it it will delete the topic....... the topic is then still there after i delete with this bug.


as you can see the topic is still there...but with no posts in it? lol

Re: Delete Topic Bug!

Did you manually delete anything from the database?

Re: Delete Topic Bug!

It appears as if the posts get deleted, but that the topic for some reason doesn't.

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Re: Delete Topic Bug!

no reines ive deleted nothing from the database ive just deleted the posts but the topic still seems to be there as rickard said. I can easily get rid of it by moderating the forum and deleting the topic from there but i had to report this because this is just strange and id like to be able to fix it.