Topic: IE7 Any problems?

I can't see any problems using IE7 on this site. I anybody has experienced problems viewing PunBB with IE7 could they please report them here. I'm mostly interested in problems using the default styles but if you are using a different style or have integrated your forum into your site please feel free to report any problems.

Re: IE7 Any problems?

I've seen a problem with the navigation bar just now... it only appeared when I hovered over it with the mouse >=/


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I can't see it. Which version of IE7 and have you cleared your cache?

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I dont get it here, but I get the same problem el bekko says on my site.  I have rc1.

my site
punbb forums


Re: IE7 Any problems?

MadHatter: did you implement this on your site

If not, could I ask you to give it a try and see if it works ok.


Re: IE7 Any problems?

Well Paul is right. Although Rickard made the changes on the new vrsion I think. Caus this used to happan to me.



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Basically, what I really want to know is are there any problems other than that one.

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It wasn't on my computer, but on a friends laptop running a fresh copy of PunBB 1.2.12... don't know what version he was using tho.


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OK. That just means he hadn't put in the fix I posted.

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woot.  that fixed it!  I missed that original post but thanks for pointing it out.

I dont normally use IE but previewing the site (this one) in it looks fine to me.

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is this still a prob in IE7 RC1 ?


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Yes, and it will probably still be a problem with the final release as well.

Topic closed.

I have now posted a patch for base.css in a sticky topic and any further reports of problems should be posted there.