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Topic: How the hell do I do this??

This is driving me absolutely mental.

In an effort to make PunBB integrate seamlessly with a site that I'v built primarily using RapidWeaver I'v been searching in vain for a simply explained way of Doing this

You see, they have their PunBB forum with their own personal navigation bar at the top.

I have my own personal navigation code sorted, but I'v no idea how to integrate it with PunBB, and as a newbie, and not an experienced codester, I really need a walk thru of some kind.

Anyone point me in the right direction or tell me how to do this?? Please

Its driving me Batty!!!

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Re: How the hell do I do this??

Instead of trying to drop PunBB into your site template you should combine the relevant parts of you site markup with PunBB's template main.tpl.

Re: How the hell do I do this??

Ok, sounds like a great plan, unfortunately I'm a coding retard and have no idea what that means!... smile
(What is my sites markup, and what program should I use to edit PunBBs main.tpl beaing in mind im on a mac, and by defaut it tries to open it up w/ photoshop!!)

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Re: How the hell do I do this??

You open main.tpl with any text editor, notepad on windows and whatever the Mac equivelant is. main.tpl is really the same as a simple html file. I assume you know how to write html because you designed the site and menu.

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Re: How the hell do I do this??

Ok, so I'v made some progress, but I'm having trouble with what I assume is the fact tha PunBB can no onger see its own CSS file, and is trying to use to one that I'm using to define the nav bar styles.


See what I mean?

What I'm after is for the oxygen style to just sit nicely on the page below my own header.

I know iFrame would be simpler, but the the user has to scrool internal of the page, and it doesn't reload, and its ugly, and I'v seen this done else where, and I WANT ONE lol smile

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Re: How the hell do I do this??

Put these two things in your main.tpl's <head>:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<pun_char_encoding>" />

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Re: How the hell do I do this??

That has practically fixed this, but it still look a bit off, I'm sure that the CSS of the header is still affecting the PUNBB Board?


How would I get the board to sit in a nice white box like http://www.thinkmac.co.uk/forum/index.php

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Re: How the hell do I do this??


What you need to do is basically to use main.tpl as another html page in your site. (leaving the punbb code in, of course!)

Design a page, or use an existing page layout - nice-looking site, btw smile

Paste the punbb code in the area where you want the actual forum to appear. 

For example, in this page: http://homeholistics.com/new_share/forum/index.php
the forum sits in the div called c2, so the code where the div starts goes like this ......

<div id="c2">

<div id="punwrap">
<div id="pun<pun_page>" class="pun">
<div id="brdheader" class="block">
    <div class="box">
        <div id="brdtitle" class="inbox">





Also make sure you include all the bits that should be in the <head> for PunBB to work, then complete your page as normal. Save it as main.tpl.

Two other things that floored me for a while, which you'll need to know as I think your site is x-mapped to PHP, like mine:

[1] Add the .tpl extension into your htaccess file (so that it's mapped to PHP)

[2] If you have PHP include files in your page, you need to make special includes for PunBB. You save them into the include/user/ directory with a .php extension. In each one, put

<?php require_once('../myinclude.htm'); ?>  # or whatever your include is actually called #

then change the include in your page to read

<pun_include "myuserinclude.php">  # or whatever name you gave it #

That's basically it, though I keenly feel your frustration!!! wink

Now, if anybody's come up with a fab widget to make restyling the board CSS any easier, I'll be grateful to hear about it mad