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sorry for my english

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Re: newsbot - post RSS news

Yes, I'm using the Feed Aggregator (, the only thing is that it takes the whole feed. What I need is for it to filter the feeds for keywords and only post those which contain the keyword.

Working on it.

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I should point that that aggregator and the one discussed in this topic are not the same.

I don't remember why I wrote this aggregator instead of using that other one :s ... maybe I was bored, maybe i wanted a small feature that the mannungos plugin didn't have.

Can I add many RSS feeds?

Yes, you can. simply populate the table with whatever feeds you want.

Can I determine a limit of feeds to be published a day?

No. It should not be so difficult to change the script in order to achieve that though.
It's just a few lines of code.
Simply increment a variable and use it in a break condition.

Ok, it's as simple for a programmer as it is complicated for a non programmer sad

All in all, this is a good, fairly simple exercise to improve your php skills.


Re: newsbot - post RSS news

Has anyone gotten this to work with punbb 1.3?