Topic: Topics to threads

Well in my opinion( not too sure about what others want..wich is why i made this topic smile ) , "Topics" should be known as "Threads" for punbb 1.3

What do you guys think?

Its not much of a big deal but "Threads" seems to sound alot better for some reason.

Re: Topics to threads

"Topic" is more familiar to me on online forums, and other forum software seem to prefer it too. I think "thread" is more common in newsgroups.


Re: Topics to threads

well there are certain forum softwares that do in fact use "Threads".


Re: Topics to threads

The word thread suggests a threaded discussion which a topic isn't. If we changed it to thread we would have people posting asking how to turn on threaded view.


Re: Topics to threads

ok i see where your coming from ......so i guess the word "topic" would be a better choice in the long run.