Topic: Desactivated inscriptions


Just a little post to propose an update.
I installed recently a punbb forum on my website, and i have desactivated inscription, because this is a private one. However I noticed the link is still available, and when I click on it, it says inscriptions are desactivated. Couldn't it be better not to display this link ?

Congratulations about this project, it is very professional.


Re: Desactivated inscriptions

Moved to Troubleshooting

From viewtopic.php

if (!$pun_user['is_guest'] && $pun_config['o_subscriptions'] == '1')
        if ($cur_topic['is_subscribed'])
                // I apologize for the variable naming here. It's a mix of subscription and action I guess :-)
                $subscraction = '<p class="subscribelink clearb">'.$lang_topic['Is subscribed'].' - <a href="misc.php?unsubscribe='.$id.'">'.$lang_topic['Unsubscribe'].'</a></p>'."\n";
                $subscraction = '<p class="subscribelink clearb"><a href="misc.php?subscribe='.$id.'">'.$lang_topic['Subscribe'].'</a></p>'."\n";
        $subscraction = '<div class="clearer"></div>'."\n";

The link is properly hidden.