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So I guess it could my turn to introduce my message board.. it's called and is targeted for people who'd like to talk about the indie music scene mainly in quebec but also elsewhere. Some of you may have seen it already via this site's donation page.
It's not intergrated to any website, just a forum for now..

Took me about 30hours of work and at least another 30 hours of reading posts at

I?m proud of what I did, considering the fact that 3 months ago I didn?t know shit about php/punbb/mysql/wamp... the site has been in prod for 2 months now and I still add some features as time goes by.

It may doesn't look like much but I've installed the following;
Mark as read,
private messages,
easy bbcode,
custom smilies (what do you think of em? They?re created based on a font I found. Some of them were edited a bit, they?re kinda cool considering they?re unique),
who?s online,
youtube/google vid code,
target window selection + user website link open in new window,
image verification for registration (that was a tough one to implement, after 4 hours I finally understood I had to modify some settings in my php folder),
custom pages,
left blocks,
a little icon that shows « online » under your nick whenever you?re logged in, as well as the same icon showing up whenever you have a PM..
hidden mods
no search by usergroup
hidden links for guests

The skin was created with spinkbb.
It's in no way as cool/complete as some other sites I've seen here in this section but for a first shot at it I think it's not bad at all...
I think the readability is great and that's pretty much all that matters for now.

I have yet to install the quickpost preview button (couldn?t find the right mod) and the PM email notification (didn?t search for the mod yet.. I understood it?s in the french punbb forum)

I still don?t know if it will be popular.. I?m giving it 24 months before taking it down in case it?s not.
Good referencing will be the next step.. so I?ll have to learn about that.

Thanks to all for your feeback and especially for your help in creating this message board!.. : )

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good job. also seems to be doing just fine for only being up ~2months.

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