Topic: not logging out

i have installed this forum in

now it happens often that, when user clicks Logout, the logout confirmationcomes saying Logout succesfull. but when it redirects to homepage, still he is logged in.

this problem does not solve even browser is closed and opened again.

any help?

thanks in advance

Re: not logging out

They cant log in for me.

New bug with IE7?

Re: not logging out

Works fine for me
Moved to Troubleshooting


Re: not logging out

does it happens to all your members or individual problem?
If it is individual i would say try different browsers or at least clean cookies please.
if it is a general problem then you should check login page cookie settings on line 78/79 for expire. and also on line 100 (about logout)

Re: not logging out

no, it happens to certain members. even for me sometime it happens and sometimes not.
cookie clean is a solution. but all people are not interested doing such.