Topic: Best integration examples?

Hi everybody,

is there any list of the best punBB "real" integration? By "real" integration, I mean for example a website using punBB's user management system for other sections than punBB, a custom navigation bar (and not a main nav bar for the website plus the punBB navbar).

Thanks for your participation smile

Re: Best integration examples?

best thing to do is go to show off!
look thur there....

My stuff or my style might sux, but atleast I'm willing to help when I can.
Don't be stupid and help ! We are the stupid one's !!!

Re: Best integration examples?

do these help?


Re: Best integration examples?

^^ wow. impressive work. although, in tg's two column layouts, the right column is pushing the left down to the bottom of the page here in firefox 2.0.