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Hey all, been awhile since I've been around here. smile

I got sidetracked on this project (damn feds lol) but thought it was worth posting.
It still needs gone over one more time & a few easy fixes, but shows what I've been visualizing for pun for a long time.
Basically... less is more!

I'd like to do something similar for 1.3 when shes ready?

Its all xhtml 1.1 & list based, clean urls, rss feeds etc. etc.

As close to my dream forum as I've ever come up with wink



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looks great!  would you be opposed to sharing your url mod?

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Not at all, if it was a mod. smile

Going to go back thru this project soon, too much time invested to just let it go.
I'll see what code I can separate from it? Been sitting for 6mos, kinda foggy on all the changes now. sad
I had planned on releasing a new layout/css for pun, it still needs to be gone over once more though too.

With the new all-star crew working on 1.3 now, would probably be better to work on something for 1.3?

Has a cool SEO bot too, Slurp auto-parses the post, sends back keywords which are inserted to various places upon posting a new thread.
Really like to see that in 1.3 wink



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uuu I like it very much ! Logo is phenomenal, especially that fading behind the main one

Good job


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thanks wink

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I'd still like to know how you're doing your seo urls.

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Looks very nice smile