Topic: new users added to group_id = 32000, not what I've set as default


I was having a weird problem and I think I've tracked it down partially.

I wanted a private forum, so each member has to be check and approved by an actual human being. Following some instructions I found in the forum I created a new group "unconfirmed" with no privileges and set it so people are added to that by default. I also set a  title of 'awaiting approval'.

However, these users weren't listed if I searched by group, and their title wasn't coming up as 'awaiting approval', however if I went into the individual user profile, they were correctly listed as being in the group "unconfirmed".

Looking in the database I see I have no users in the group_id = 5 ("unconfirmed") but I do have several in group_id = 32000 and that these are the people who should be in unconfirmed.

So there's two distinct bits of weirdness here:

* how did these users get 32000 in their group_id
* how can the personal profile work as expected if it's not finding group_id = 5

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Re: new users added to group_id = 32000, not what I've set as default

Okay, problem solved.

32000 is a special group for 'unverified' users, this mean that they've provided a username and email address, but they've never came back. Only once they log in for the first time will they be moved to a 'real' group of your choosing.

I think that it might be worthwile making this explicit when you're looking at the profile of an 'unverified' user. It's tricky because you probably don't want to let people move users into this group, but when you move them into another group it's not obvious which group they're actually in (i.e. I thought these people were in group 5 from the web admin interface, but it turns out they weren't. From some other posts I found while searching this might already be the case. I think unverified users shouldn't be returned in the search for non-admins (maybe mods too) and that admins (maybe mods too) should be able to narrow the list to 'unverified' users and their title should be different from the default until such time as they verify.

Re: new users added to group_id = 32000, not what I've set as default

Moved to Feature Requests, since this isn't actually a bug in the way PunBB works