Topic: Banning multiple IP addresses

I am the administrator of a forum. I need to ban someone who has been posing under different user names. There are many IP addresses   associated with his user names. Maybe about 30 or so. I want to make sure it's difficult for him to register again so I'd like to ban all the IP addresses. I understand it's important to be careful when banning multiple IP addresses. I've checked each for mulitple users. The only connection is between the user names I'd like to ban. Does this mean it is safe to ban the addresses without banning someone else unintentionally?

Thanks so much and thanks for a great product!

Re: Banning multiple IP addresses

It really depends on the IP addresses. If they're, for example, IP addresses owned by AOL, you might be banning a lot of potential users. On the other hand, if they're for a small ISP, you probably won't be.
Of course, if he has been posting under many names and many IPs, my guess is that he's using proxies and that you're OK banning them (although he'll probably just use another one to evade the ban).

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Re: Banning multiple IP addresses

Thanks so much. Yes, I assume he will be able to sneak through regardless. I think I'll go ahead and ban all of the IP's since they appear to be from a small ISP.

Thanks again.