Topic: [1.3] Bug in rewrite

I found a bug in PunBB 1.3 version.

If you click on the ip of user, for example: <- this is crashed

On .htaccess file is:

RewriteRule ^gethost[/_-]?([0-9]+)(\.html?|/)?$ moderate.php?gethost=$1 [L,NC]

I changed in .htaccess file to:

RewriteRule ^get_host[/_-]?([0-9]+)(\.html?|/)?$ moderate.php?gethost=$1 [L,NC]

and it's the same again. If i go to moderate.php?gethost=1, everthing is OK.

Re: [1.3] Bug in rewrite

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Thank you for the report, but PunBB 1.3 has not been released for beta yet and as such we're not accepting bug reports for it yet.